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V&A Museum London seeks Taylor Swift superfan for advisory role


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London’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has announced its search for a dedicated Taylor Swift superfan to join its advisory team. The museum is on a mission to tap into the insights of passionate fans, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of specific cultural trends and expand its connection with contemporary society.

The selected superfan adviser will play a crucial role in providing expert insights into fan culture, particularly delving into the memorabilia that Taylor Swift’s devoted followers, known as “Swifties,” collect and create.

With a keen interest in the craftsmanship behind handmade signs, friendship bracelets, and other Swift-related artifacts, the museum is eager to establish a connection with the vibrant and creative community of Taylor Swift enthusiasts.

As part of this endeavour, the V&A museum is actively seeking a UK-based Swiftie who can share valuable knowledge about the cultural nuances surrounding Taylor Swift’s music and persona. This initiative aligns with the anticipation of Swift’s upcoming European tour, making it an opportune time to gather insights into the unique culture of Swift fandom.

Swifties are renowned for their tradition of exchanging friendship bracelets during the singer’s concerts, creating a unique aspect of fan interaction that the museum aims to explore further.

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By delving into the intricacies of fan-made crafts, the museum hopes to not only enhance its understanding of contemporary culture but also celebrate the craftsmanship and cultural significance of handmade memorabilia.

The V&A’s call for a Taylor Swift superfan is part of a broader initiative to appoint “superfan advisers” with expertise in various niche subjects. In addition to Swifties, the museum is actively seeking advisers with a deep appreciation for emojis, Crocs shoes, tufting, and drag culture. These part-time, zero-hour contract positions are designed to bring grassroots expertise into the museum’s curatorial teams, enriching the institution’s knowledge base and staying attuned to current cultural trends.

Successful candidates for these superfan adviser positions will have the unique opportunity to meet with the museum’s curatorial team, sharing their wealth of knowledge and insights.

The V&A sees these roles as a way to bridge the gap between institutional expertise and the rich, diverse experiences of fans, offering a more holistic understanding of contemporary cultural phenomena.

The V&A museum’s director, Tristram Hunt, expressed the importance of these roles in celebrating the diverse and surprising creative contributions present within the museum’s collections. By engaging with superfan advisers, the museum aims to learn more about design stories relevant to contemporary audiences, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives.

This initiative is not the first time the V&A has sought superfan advisers. Previous appointments included fans with expertise in Pokemon cards, LEGO, Gorpcore clothing, and Toby jugs. The museum’s commitment to exploring niche interests reflects a broader effort to remain culturally relevant and responsive to the diverse tastes and passions of its audience.

As the museum opens its doors to superfan advisers, it envisions a collaborative and mutually enriching relationship between institutional expertise and the dedicated knowledge of fans. In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary culture, the V&A museum is taking an innovative step towards ensuring that its collections and exhibitions resonate with the vibrant and dynamic tapestry of today’s society.


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