Satish & Savitri both are in love with each other. But Lela Baba tells Satish will get love in his life and Savitri will not get money in her life. Savitri is an ambitious girl who thinks money is the only source for a healthy living so she left Satish. Savitri’s friends convince her to meet one of their richest friends Ronnie who was spending his father’s money on her. Meanwhile, Satish is trying hard to earn enough money so that he gets Savitri back in his life but gets accused of his boss’s death. Now Savitri is stunned to see her in a phase where she has no money, and Satish is in a phase where he has no love? What happens next is the story of SATTI PAR SATTO. Film star cast Maanas Shah, Khanjan Thumber, Paresh Bhatt, Neha Joshi, Chandni Joshi, Annie Singh, Muni Jha. Screenplay, Story and Direction Shantaram Verma.