(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

vAdobe has announced the launch of the Adobe UK Creative Council, led by Oscar-nominated and internationally renowned actor Riz Ahmed. Tech activist Charlene Prempeh, YouTuber Derin Adetosoye and Konstantin, a filmmaker and part of creator group Sidemen, also join Ahmed on the Council.

Adobe has set up the Council with a “mission to democratize creativity and create change”. The computer software company says it will drive its Creativity For All mission and work on the development of new campaigns and engagement programs.

The Council members will partner with Adobe UK on the development of new campaigns and engagement programmes being created for a diverse customer base made up of Creative Professionals, next generation and aspiring creators, and anyone who has a passion to share their creativity. They will also provide insights on how Adobe can give greater access to the resources, tools, platforms, and communities needed for everyone to share their story.

“The creative industry is dynamic and influences most of our lives on a daily basis. Although we’ve seen positive progress in areas such as representation, we still have a long way to go as creative as a skill and industry is not yet accessible to everyone. Adobe’s mission to enable Creativity For All aligns with my own passion to support creators from all backgrounds and abilities to pursue their creative dreams, but there is a myriad of barriers that stand in so many people’s way,” said Ahmed.

“By teaming up with Adobe, I hope to further support aspiring and experienced creators and communities in the areas of education and inspiration. Adobe, a leading tool in the creative industries, believes it can enable a “more vibrant and equitable world,” he added.

Simon Morris, senior director, digital media marketing for EMEA at Adobe, said, “The UK is a diverse powerhouse of creativity, full of vibrant and emotive storytelling, driven by creators from all walks of life who share their experiences across devices, apps and new media platforms.”