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Adaa Khan: Making a strong style statement


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THOSE who follow Adaa Khan on social media or have seen her eye-catching photoshoots and striking red carpet appearances know how superbly stylish she is.

The celebrated Indian actress has an undeniable flair for fashion and consistently unveils stunning looks that set style goals.

Eastern Eye caught up with the popular television star to speak about all things fashion, including top tips and inspirations.

Which fashion trend catches your eye the most for 2024?

I am absolutely crushing on the chic power suits, making a statement. The suit isn’t just about the fabric and fit – it’s a visual proclamation of strength, sophistication, and that unmistakable ‘boss vibes’ aura.

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How would you describe your style personality?

I like to blend elegance with a dash of edgy. I love experimenting with looks that reflect my versatile spirit. Keeping my individuality is key when creating any looks. I believe your personality should shine through.

Who would you say is your ultimate style icon?

Oh, that’s a tough question to answer. Although I don’t have anyone to look out for in terms of fashion because I believe in the individuality, I do think highly of Deepika Padukone. She expresses confidence in whatever she wears and that is key when carrying any outfit. That’s why I personalise everything that I wear in order to combine trends with originality.

Tell us about the experience of getting ready for a red-carpet appearance?

Getting ready for a red-carpet look is like stepping into a fairy tale. Whether it’s the excitement or working with a top team to create magic, it’s a glamorous journey from start to finish.

As the final touches come together, there’s a moment of magic when you look in the mirror and see the fairy tale character staring back at you. The gown sparkles, the makeup enhances natural beauty, and the hair cascades like a waterfall of elegance.

Out of all your red-carpet looks, which one was most special to you?

There have been a lot of magic moments. I think the ice blue tube gown I wore for the Gold Awards during Naagin (TV series), with my hair styled in a bun was memorable.

What’s your favourite colour to wear?

White does have a special place in my heart. But my go-to outfit of choice for the party season is always black. I adore the colour black and usually wear it to parties.

How do you fuse east and west into your style?

It’s like Bollywood glam meets contemporary chic. Think traditional motifs with a modern twist. The harmony lies in the balance – it’s not about overpowering tradition with modernity or vice versa. Instead, it’s a collaborative dance where both elements shine.

In terms of fashion, what inspires you?

I see fashion as a means of expressing myself. It’s a subtle way of expressing my personality, creativity, and mood.

It should be appropriate for the situation, allow me to try new things and enable me to pull it off without feeling uncomfortable.

I really like to keep up with the current fashion. However, instead of just following what’s in style, I always make sure the trends suit my comfort level and personal taste.

Do you like to accessorise?

I’m all about accessorising. My go-to is a statement pair of earrings – they can transform any outfit into a showstopper. And, shoes, again, according to the occasion.

What are your top style tips?

Well, I really feel that most important, be yourself. Be original, be confident and always look into your own eyes and smile. So that’s something I always do. Whatever I wear, I’m always confident. When that inner light shines, it makes the whole outer look brighter.

What is your everyday style?

Oversized t-shirts paired with leggings or cosy jeans are my go-to. There’s a certain ease and freedom in loose, casual wear.

My everyday style is comfy chic. Whether I’m wearing a stylish jumpsuit or a breezy dress, comfort is absolutely non-negotiable for me.

If you had to pick between shoes and handbags, which would you pick?

(Smiles) That is a tough choice. But I would go with shoes – they can elevate any look and make you feel unstoppable.



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