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Sonal Panwar: ‘Comedy is a cool medium’


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SUPER-HIT sitcom Happu Ki Ultan Paltan (streamin on ZEE) has been such a huge success that it recently crossed 1,200 episodes.

The ensemble cast of the popular show includes the talented young actress Sonal Panwar, playing a devoted police officer.

Her portrayal of the unpredictable title character’s honest daughter has won acclaim in the laughterfilled show.

Eastern Eye caught up with the small screen star to talk about her journey on the top TV show, acting and inspirations.

What sparked your interest in acting?

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For everyone who is nonexpressive, they always get fascinated with the idea of expressing themselves.

For me, it happened like that only. Acting enabled me to express what I felt.

That’s how the whole idea of performing changed my direction towards acting and formed that connection.

How did you react to landing a role on Happu Ki Ultan Paltan?

It felt amazing because the show is so amazing. The cast and creative team are also amazing.

So, to be given an opportunity to be part of this great show was thrilling.

Can you describe your experience on the show?

It has been such a wonderful experience. Comedy is such a cool and entertaining medium.

I am glad my art contributes to bringing smiles to people’s faces. This show enables me to do that.

What has been your most memorable moment?

This show has gifted me so many beautiful memories.

I speak my mother tongue in the show, so when my first episode aired, my family and everyone just felt so good as it was very relatable to them.

I had never done anything in this language (Hindi) – I think looking at their proud faces made me feel overwhelmed.

Tell us about working with producers Binaiffer and Sanjay Kohli.

They are the best producers I have worked with.

They are very cooperative, caring and create a good atmosphere. They make sure their actors are never in trouble.

Why is Happu Ki Ultan Paltan so loved?

I think the reason is quite obvious – it’s a great comedy show that makes everyone smile. People find it relaxing and entertaining.

We all watch a lot of content, but comedy just brings joy and that’s why Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is loved so much.

What makes a great comedic performance?

For me, comedy should be relatable. For that, you need to do things very naturally, to make it look like something that could happen in everyday life.

So, the more relatable your character is to the audience, the more laughter it will definitely generate.

Who is your acting hero?

There are so many great actors from the past and present I like.

My most favourite is Cillian Murphy, who just won an Oscar for Oppenheimer.

In Bollywood, my hero would be (the late) Irrfan Khan sir.

What do you like watching as an audience?

I honestly watch absolutely everything. I just love watching every piece of cinema, in detail.

What ignites the flame of creativity in you?

I am inspired by anything that has some sort of creativity and art.


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