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Pritam Singh: ‘I feel more fulfilled in my acting career‘


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PRITAM SINGH’S fascinating journey unfolds from being a revered radio host to leaving an imprint on television and carving out a new career in acting.

Affectionately known as Pritam Pyaare, Singh now showcases his acting prowess in films such as the recently released Punjabi musical, Munda Rockstar.

He also hosts a new music reality TV show, Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash, which provides a platform for India’s rich folk heritage. With more projects on the horizon, Pritam Singh is undoubtedly a name that is here to stay.

Eastern Eye caught up with the versatile talent to delve into his approach and future plans.

How was 2023 for you and what are your expectations for 2024?

The past year was decent for me. I finished several projects in 2023 and they are set to be released this year. The first one, Munda Rockstar, a Punjabi-language film, was premiered in January. It has received positive reviews, good ratings and benefited from word-ofmouth publicity. I am eager to see how the wider audience receives it.

What else is in store for you?

Presently, I am engrossed in hosting Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash, a show produced by Kailash Kher, slated for Doordarshan [the state-owned broadcaster in India]. It’s a significant venture, marking the first folk-singing reality show featuring contestants from 28 states. I’m thoroughly enjoying the show’s production and look forward to its broadcast soon.

You started your career as a radio host, but was acting always the plan?

I always wanted to become an actor. Acting was my initial ambition upon entering the industry. Radio happened serendipitously. I auditioned for a leading radio station and found myself part of it.

The journey as a radio jockey began, followed by reality shows and television hosting.

My return to acting in 2019 marked a deliberate shift, leading me to eventually quit radio to concentrate on acting.

Singh with classical flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia and singer Kailash Kher on the sets of Bharat Ka Amrit Kalash

I feel more fulfilled in my acting career now.

Do you have a favourite radio/TV host-turned-actor?

I think Ayushmann Khurrana is a really good actor. He was a radio and TV host earlier. So, whenever his films are released, I really look forward to seeing them. He is an inspiration for many of us.

You previously were a contestant on Bigg Boss 8. Do you think your participation in the show helped you professionally?

Yes, of course, Bigg Boss was a turning point in my career. It was a milestone because I got the opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest reality TV shows. Before that, I was just a voice and had no face value. But after Bigg Boss, people started knowing me better. As an artist, I get to explore myself. My anchoring career on television took off because of Bigg Boss. Yes, it is an important milestone in my career and has given me a strong foothold in the industry. So, I am happy.

What motto do you choose to live by?

My only motto in life is: I don’t expect anything out of any of my projects. That’s it. I just live in the present and want to always do that. The past is something I have experienced, while the future is something I don’t know anything about. We get so stuck in the past and future that we forget to live in the present. That’s why the best motto in life is to be in the present state.

What is your dream role?

I don’t have a specific dream role. My priority is to ensure that my work reaches the maximum audience. Striving to be versatile and giving my best in every role is my goal. Each role, with its own unique challenges, becomes a dream role as I explore the opportunities available to me.

Do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about?

My talents remain hidden until explored. People need to discover my abilities, and until then, they remain concealed. So, I urge people to watch my work, explore my talent, and trust me with interesting projects to showcase my ability to perform various kinds of roles.


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