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Kunwarr: Meet Canada’s next big breakout star


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RISING music star Kunwarr is making a big impact with commercial songs that are showing off his range and making a strong connection with a fast-growing fan base. The Canadian singer, songwriter, and composer’s most recent track Befikra, along with its eye-catching music video, added to the growing momentum behind him.

Eastern Eye caught up with a terrific talent you will be hearing a lot more about to speak about music, his latest song, and future hopes.

What first connected you to music?
I feel I was always connected to music as I’ve been playing and learning instruments since I was four years old. Music became a part of my every day life, across the months and now all these years. Hustler mentality! Winning is all I think about.

Which of your songs is closest to your heart?
The song closest to my heart will definitely be Befikra. It has a lot attached to it. The song has an emotion that I’m sure people across the globe will be able to connect with. I also feel it’s a modern Punjabi pop masterpiece. Nothing I’ve heard before touches the song in my opinion.

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What inspired your latest song Befikra?
Befikra is basically inspired by the pop scene out in the West. I wanted to do a Punjabi song on that pop sound. This is my way of making a pop Punjabi song that can serve a bigger audience I feel.

What was the experience of shooting the great looking Befikra music video with actress Urfi Javed like?
Shooting with Urfi was amazing. We bonded really well and we’re great friends. She’s super easy to work with and really passionate about her job. There is a lot to learn from her.

What can we expect next from you?
There’s so much music coming up next. This is my year! Collaborations, EPs and maybe an album.

Who would you love to sing a duet with?
I’d love to sing a duet with Palak Muchhal. I don’t think that there’s anyone with the texture she owns. It would be an absolute pleasure. I think her voice is to die for.

What music dominates your playlist?
My playlist is dominated by a mix of Central Cee, Lil Baby, The Weeknd and Drake majorly. I also listen to a lot of underground artists. Exploring inspires me. You’ll always come across something fresh that blows your mind away and that moment is enough inspiration for an artist I feel.

Who would be your musical hero?
My musical hero would be The Weeknd. Nobody is touching the man’s level of artistry today. You can hear the passion and effort with each bar.

If you could master something new in music, what would it be?
Mastering the art of your own sound and giving it a definition is the biggest thing you can do. Once you’re there in my opinion, you’re almost there. Consistency and quality control is the key.

What is it that inspires you as an artist?
Every dedicated passion driven hustler inspires me. My team inspires me so much. Everyone, be it the label, management or everyone involved in the creative process. We all learn and teach each other.

Why do you love music?
Because this is it. Its music or nothing. No plan B. I feel as humans we can’t be true to the art or the vision if we have a plan B. This is it, has to be the mentality.


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