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Rishi Sunak reflects on choosing education over luxuries in his youth


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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently opened up about his childhood, highlighting his family’s decision to prioritise education over luxuries. In an interview with ITV, Sunak, the wealthiest prime minister in UK history, revealed that his family opted not to subscribe to Sky TV, a popular satellite television service, so they could invest in his education instead.

“My parents didn’t pay for Sky TV because they were making sacrifices to ensure I received a good education,” Sunak stated. He elaborated that his upbringing involved forgoing various amenities that other children might take for granted.

Sunak’s parents, a doctor and a pharmacist, placed a high value on educational opportunities over material comforts. This focus on education, combined with Sunak’s lucrative career in financial services and his marriage to Akshata Murty—whose father is the founder of the Indian IT giant Infosys—has significantly contributed to their combined wealth, estimated at £651 million.

When asked to provide an example of what he missed out on during his childhood, Sunak mentioned the absence of Sky TV. “There were many things I would have liked as a child that we couldn’t afford. Famously, we never had Sky TV growing up,” he shared.

Despite his considerable wealth, Sunak faces criticism from the Labour Party, who argue that his financial status leaves him out of touch with the daily struggles of ordinary Britons. Earlier this year, Sunak came under fire from Labour for betting £1,000

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on the success of his government’s contentious plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda—a sum they pointed out is beyond the reach of many citizens.

The timing of Sunak’s ITV interview has also sparked criticism. He left the D-Day commemorations in France early to record the segment and later apologised, admitting it was “a mistake not to stay longer.” Opposition parties have accused him of neglecting his responsibilities.


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