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Kanda: Musical power of meaningful songs


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RISING British music star Kanda has garnered attention with top tracks like Latino Heat, his collaboration with Panjabi MC, and the poignant IHGYN.

The singer-songwriter from Coventry has sustained that momentum with the release of his latest song, Unanswered Questions, which is a slower, emotionfilled number inspired by a break-up. With more music and live performances on the way, Kanda has firmly established himself as an artist to keep an eye on.

Eastern Eye caught up with the talented young artist to discuss music, his new single and future hopes.

What was it that first connected you to music?

My passion for music stems from the rich musical heritage of my mother and the determined, ambitious spirit of my father. Growing up, my mother’s involvement in various aspects of the entertainment industry, from Indian traditional dance to music, deeply influenced me. I believe her passion for music has been passed down to me and now I am more determined than ever to make my mark on the global stage. The unwavering support of those around me also fuels my drive to pursue music relentlessly.

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What has been your most memorable musical moment so far?

One moment that I will never forget is collaborating with the charitable organisation CALM to raise awareness about mental health. I wrote an article on their website about men’s mental health issues being overlooked and why I had written (the song) IHGYN in an attempt to raise awareness. The campaign was very successful and I am proud to have positively contributed to a great cause.

Lead inset unanswered questions kanda 3549
The cover of his latest single

Tell us about your latest track and what inspired it.

Unanswered Questions is entirely based on the lack of clarity following a sudden breakup. I embark on a journey to find the answers regarding how a seemingly perfect relationship crumbled into nothing. A lot of emotion and thought went into the track. I feel that people who have suffered any form of heartbreak can relate to the feeling of suddenly losing someone really special.

How does this compare to other songs you have done?

I think I’m starting to use the grit in my voice a lot more in the past few tracks I have released; it works well with my ‘groovy soul’ genre. Unanswered Questions presents a departure from my previous upbeat tempo, embracing a deeper, slower rhythm that adds a distinct tone to my repertoire.

Tell us more about who you are hoping connects with this song.

This song speaks to anyone who has experienced the emotions of confusion and being lost in the great world that we live in – those who are constantly in self-doubt and searching for clarity in their journey through life.

How would you describe your music and unique sound?

I would describe my music as versatile, with the ability to transition between different genres from one record to the next. As I continue to evolve as a singer, I’ve started to incorporate the unique grit in my voice, leaning towards creating a groovy soul sound.

Tell us, what inspires you as a singer and songwriter?

I often draw inspiration from my personal experiences as well as pressing political issues in the world. Historically, I have focused on prevailing issues such as men’s mental health and racism.

My goal is to contribute to societal change by raising awareness and promoting positivity through my music.

Kanda in the song’s music video

What is the master plan going forward?

Many gigs, many songs, many performances and plenty of good vibes. I will be doing everything in my power to make sure that the name Kanda is known around the country and maybe even the world.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to engage with both, the mainstream and Asian markets.

From the mainstream scene, I am a massive fan of YG Marley’s sound and believe that we would make such a unique vibe together.

On the Asian front, I would love to work with AP Dhillon, given his innovative sound. An English-Punjabi collaboration between us would be elite.

What music dominates your own personal playlist?

(Laughs) My playlist is crazy. I have so many different vibes in there, from Jay-Z to Metro Boomin, Shakira and Frank Sinatra. I love different kinds of music. So, when my playlist is on shuffle, I never get bored.

Who is your own music hero?

My musical hero has to be Ed Sheeran. His journey from busking while being homeless to becoming one of the most significant singers in the history of music is truly inspirational. He demonstrates that, with dedication to your craft, anything is possible.

How much does performing live mean to you?

Performing live has to be the best thing a singer can do. Dancing on stage, interacting with the crowd and hearing them sing your own lines back to you – it’s one of the reasons I can’t see myself ever quitting this industry.

Finally, why do you love music?

Without music, there is no Kanda. Music has shaped the way I think and moulded my personality as I have matured.

It’s carved into my skin, it defines who I am as a person and it’s exactly what I want my legacy to be associated with.


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