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Technology: Can We Curb Cyber Bullying?


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Technology always enables us to be in constant communication with everyone even if we do not want to talk to him or her. No matter how much we try to block them on our social media sites, they will always find a new way to get to us. That is how cyberbullying has become such a major issue nowadays. However, research is being carried out to find out how we can curb cyberbullying.

Cyber Bullying, the Downside to Technology

Cyberbullying or any form of bullying can leave a permanent scar on anyone. In some cases, it can even lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. That is why it is key that people put a stop to it. We would rather prefer people to use their web connection to play best casino online games and win real money instead of cyberbullying. However, this is not always the case.

AI: The Cure to Cyber Bullying

Research is being carried in various universities around the world as to how they can create an algorithm that can spot words and phrases associated with bullying. In Belgium, so far, it is said that the algorithm has managed to detect and block 114, 000 posts in English.

Despite the fact that the algorithms are doing a good job, there is also the concern over hate speech. Researchers noted that bullying does not necessarily have abusive words, but it may contain various levels of hate speech. In Canada, they are training algorithms to detect hate speech.

Researchers have now integrated the algorithms on the social media platform, Instagram. This was a survey showed that 42% of the teenagers had been victims of cyberbullying on the platform.

The issue of cyberbullying is a worldwide concern. Therefore, it makes sense as to why people from around the world are teaming up to put an end to it. Thanks to the advancements in technology, all this is being made possible each day. That is why researchers on the issue of cyberbullying have vowed that they will not rest until they totally annihilated it.

Even WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella call for an end to Cyberbullying in the wake of Liv Morgan Concussion. Taking to Instagram, the WWE star, who is loved by newzealand sports betting fans, wrote:

As a first time Mom I’ve never experienced unconditional love like this. The way she loves on me, needs me and makes me feel that I’m her whole world. Her sweet smile makes my day better, her laugh sounds like heaven and her hugs make my heart skip a beat. We all were babies at one time. Filled with innocence, laughter and love. We never judged, hated or bullied people. We’d look in the mirror and played peek a boo with ourselves and thought our shadow was the best thing ever. We just simply lived. I hope people can find that feeling again, happiness. Happy people don’t waste their time or energy being cyber bullies….miserable people do. If you aren’t living the life you wish I pray that you find what makes your heart happy and stop wasting energy on promoting hate. For the happy people, silence hate. Don’t let it bring you down.”



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