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HomeTrendingHeavy rainfall floods Mumbai railways, viral video sparks hilarious reactions

Heavy rainfall floods Mumbai railways, viral video sparks hilarious reactions


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Heavy rainfall in Mumbai has caused significant disruption for residents. The relentless downpour has led to widespread waterlogging across the city, affecting roads, railways, and even air travel due to low visibility.

Social media is filled with videos showcasing the chaos, including flooded streets and submerged vehicles. One particularly striking video captures a local train navigating through submerged railway tracks, highlighting the struggles faced by the city during this relentless rain.

 The video shows both the engine and the first compartment of a local train in Mumbai. It was filmed by passengers on an opposite train and depicts the train moving through waterlogged tracks, with people standing at the exit gate of the first compartment.

Initially shared by a journalist on [platform X], the video quickly went viral after being reshared by many users. One user, displaying wit, captioned the video: “They did a collab between Railways and Waterways during #MumbaiRains.”

The video garnered over 1.6 lakh views and sparked a flurry of humorous comments. Some users compared the situation to video games (“When you type ‘Seaways’ in GTA Vice City”) or imagined a new mode of transportation (“Inauguration of Water metro”). Others took a sarcastic approach, highlighting the supposed technological innovation (“This is a rare technical innovation… driving trains over water. Every year our train switches to amphibious mode in the rain”).

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Beyond this particular video, numerous tweets showcased the challenges faced by commuters due to the heavy rains in Mumbai. These videos depicted flooded roads and even fish swimming on submerged railway tracks, further illustrating the extent of the disruption caused by the downpour.


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