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The incredible love story of Michael Caine and his Indian wife of five decades


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The most romantic of all the story we come across is Hollywood actor Michael Caine and his Indian wife, Shakira Caine, who have been married for five decades. Caine fell in love with Shakira when he saw her in an ad commercial.

In an interview in the past, the actor shared that he was ready to go and find her in Brazil to tell her about his feelings for her. He has talked about his relationship many times and during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, he told the story of how he met Shakira.

Caine met Shakira back in the 1970s after seeing her in a Maxwell House coffee commercial. He instantly fell in love with her and decided to travel to Brazil to meet her.

“I saw this lady on the television in a commercial and fell in love instantly. And it was a commercial for coffee in Brazil. I just watched her and I thought, that’s the woman for me,” he said with much adoration.

The Dunkirk actor was eager to meet her and was ready to fly to Brazil. He thought she was from Brazil, however, he was happy to find out that she was actually from London.

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He went to his friends to seek help, as he shared, “And I said to my mate, I said, we’re going to Brazil in the morning. We’re going to find her…. And I went down the disco to my mate there, Johnny golden in Tramp. Were sitting there and one of the guys came where are you three no girls? what’s going on? Not.”

Recalling the incident, the actor said, “ I said I saw a beautiful girl on the television. I said, “and I’m going to Brazil in the morning to find her”.

It was a Maxwell House coffee commercial. As he told his friends that he believed she is from Brazil, Michael got the happy news that “She’s not Brazilian. She’s Indian”, and she lives in London. The actor pursued her, and the rest is history.

They married in 1973 and welcomed their daughter the same year. Ever since, they’ve remained strong and are now proud grandparents. Throughout the years, Michael and Shakira have supported each other professionally, with Shakira often accompanying him to many of his premieres. Before Shakira, the Dark Knight actor was married to actress Patricia Haines from 1954 to 1958, and they share another daughter.


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