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Kanwar Dhillon: ‘Udne Ki Asha is a breath of fresh air’


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TALENTED actor Kanwar Dhillon has continued the momentum of a star-making turn in hit drama serial Pandya Store with a lead role in new show Udne Ki Aasha.

The versatile performer stars opposite Neha Harsora in the Star Plus serial set in Mumbai, about two distinctly different personalities being drawn to one another. He has enjoyed stepping into a new space with the show, which has received a positive response since it premiered a few weeks ago.

Eastern Eye caught up with the actor to discuss the new chapter in his interesting career.

What did you like about your new show when it was offered to you?

I liked absolutely everything about Udne Ki Aasha when it was narrated to me, including the characters, storyline, fresh feel of the show, and especially the Marathi backdrop. I hadn’t explored that territory in television.

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What excited me is my character Sachi being a proper Mumbaikar with a touch of Marathi lingo, a borderline tapori (thug). It’s a very different concept. I knew I wanted to do something like this right after Pandey Store. I’m glad I bagged this show and like absolutely everything about it.

Tell us about the show.

Udne Ki Aasha is like a breath of fresh air, visually and otherwise, with the whole feel of the show and how it’s made.

I’m sure about the show connecting with the audience. I wouldn’t want to talk too much about the story, but the show talks about Sachi and Sayali’s lives. How they have individual dreams and unknowingly get involved in each other’s lives. The story goes forward with their individual characters and families.

What about the character you play?

I’m playing Sachi, a guy who had a very rough upbringing. He never got his mother’s love and was a rejected child. He has grown up with his grandmother, who is like his mother. He can do anything for his grandmother and father. He has a dream of having his own taxi service agency in Mumbai.

How does this compare to other projects you have done?

There is no comparison with other projects I have done, because I make it a point to do something different from before. After a super hit show like Pandey Store, I’m getting compliments and positive feedback from people that I’m coming in a different avatar.

Udne Ki Aasha is totally different from my previous show and something I haven’t done before, including the storyline, backdrop and character.

How do you prepare for a new show as an actor?

As an actor, I try to be as natural as I can. When I take a brief from my director, producer and writer about the character, I try to bring in a lot of personal life experiences. Sachi is a taxi driver – I’ve had many experiences since childhood with taxi drivers and in cabs.

I use a lot of reference points in my scenes because that gives a very natural touch. Those certain experiences in my life matter, and that helps.

What is your co-star Neha Harsora like to work with?

Neha is a very hardworking and sweet girl. She is very good to work with. We have amazing chemistry since day one, and I’m happy people have liked us together and given us such a great response. I think Sachi and Sayali will make their place in people’s hearts.

Lead inset Kanwar Dhillon Neha Harsora in Udne Ke Aasha 018
Dhillon with Neha Harsora in the show

Can you share a memorable moment from the show so far?

The most memorable moment for me was during the first three days of shooting in Virar Siddhivinayak Mandhir (famous temple in Mumbai). It was a Tuesday and Ganpati Bappa day. We started the day with his blessings. What is even more special is doing a Mumbai-based show with a Maharashtrian backdrop. The outdoor scenes we shot in Mumbai at different locations were really special. I enjoyed all the locations.

What can we expect from the show?

The audience can expect a breath of fresh air in terms of television visuals. The great show has a stellar cast, beautiful storyline, and a simple, yet effective narrative. I’m certain people are going to connect with Udne Ki Aasha and we will achieve great ratings.

This is not a typical daily soap drama. It’s going to be a beautiful story, and that’s the unique selling point of the show. The audience has already felt it.

It’s a Mumbaibased show, what do you most love about the city?

Having been born and brought up in Mumbai, it’s a special feeling for me to play Sachi Deshmukh, who is in Maharashtra. I made him a Mumbaikar as much as I could. I really hope people fall in love with him.

What I really love about Mumbai is how busy it is. The city is never lonely. Even at night or early in the morning, you will always see people on the street. The busy city never sleeps, and I love that.

This new show is a love story, but how romantic are you in real life?

Udne Ki Aasha presents a unique love story, unlike typical narratives where characters meet, fall in love, and enjoy a happy ending. Here, the story kicks off with conflict, featuring vastly different characters with individual dreams and goals. It explores how these characters intersect in each other’s lives. As someone who is deeply empathetic and giving, I naturally embody a romantic persona in real life. I embrace this aspect of myself with pride.

Why should we all tune into the show?

Tune in to Udne Ki Aasha on Star Plus, Monday to Saturday. It’s a unique show with a great storyline and stunning visuals, both simple yet touching. Audiences are bound to fall in love with the show, its concept and characters. I’m excited for my audience to witness its difference. I can’t wait for your feedback and to see everyone’s reactions, as I’m confident people will love it.


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