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Snap general election scheduled following presidential polls in Sri Lanka


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A snap general election is set to occur immediately after Sri Lanka’s presidential elections, which are due to conclude in October this year. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has dismissed the notion of holding the general election before or during the presidential poll, signalling that the parliamentary election will follow the presidential vote.

Politically, it is advantageous to declare a snap election after the presidential elections, irrespective of the victor, rather than waiting until mid-next year. Any newly elected president is likely to seek a Parliament with a majority that supports their party or alliance. In Sri Lankan political culture, it is typical for the party that wins the presidential election to also succeed in the subsequent general elections.

The last general election was held in August 2020. The Election Commission is constitutionally mandated to conduct any declared election. Provisions exist for conducting both general and presidential elections simultaneously.

From 17 July, the Election Commission will have the authority to commence preparations for the presidential elections, targeting a polling day between 17 September and 16 October. A notice signed by the Commission’s chairman, R.M.A.L. Ratnayake, announced the intention to call for nominations to hold the presidential election within the specified timeframe.

The Commission is currently organising the logistics necessary for conducting the elections.


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