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Parliament hosts historic Devi Mahatmaya recital during Diwali celebrations


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The organisation SHYAM reached a significant milestone on November 15, 2023, as seven members including photographers and volunteers delivered for the first time, a recital of the Devi Mahatmaya at the UK Parliament Diwali celebrations.

The distinguished gathering, hosted by Bob Blackman MP and graced by 13 Parliamentarians, witnessed a profound homage to Hinduism.

The session delved deep into the essence of the Devi Mahatmaya, explaining the symbolism of Maa Saraswati and the first five manifestations of the Nava Durga.

The event opened with a rendition of Hindu prayers by Dhruv Chhatralia BEM, who recited mantras in devotion to the Hindu deities.

In attendance were parliamentarians including Sir Peter Bottomly MP (Father of the House of Commons), Viscount Younger of Leckie, Gagan Mohindra MP (Assistant Government Whip), Andrea Jenkyns MP (Deputy Chairwoman of the European Research Group), Mark Pawsey MP, Fiona Bruce MP, Robert Buckland MP, Peter Gibson MP, Elliot Colburn MP, David Simmonds MP, Neil O’Brien MP (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Primary Care and Public Health), Louie French MP, and Brendan Clarke-Smith MP.

Chhatralia elaborated on Maa Saraswati’s significance, highlighting her embodiment of divine wisdom and her symbolic connection to the cosmos. He emphasised her role as Veda Mata, the mother of Vedic wisdom, guiding ancient sages.

Explaining her association with the moon, he described her musical representation through the Veena, signifying cosmic energies and inner wisdom. He said that the Goddess rides the swan of elegant movement, or the peacock that shows an unbounded creativity arising from a unitary inner vision.

Additionally, Chhatralia delved into the Devi Mahatmaya’s Yogic significance, discussing its secrets for success in yoga practices.

Chhatralia then presented the symbolism of Maha Saraswati, delving into the Narayani Stuti, a revered hymn recited by devas in honour of the Goddess Narayani. He also shared insights into the various manifestations of the Goddess.

Continuing, he emphasised the significance of the Devi Mahatmaya, highlighting its glory and the blessings associated with reciting the scripture, as proclaimed by the Mother Goddess.

Riddhi Vyas delivered an insightful discussion on the unique balance within Indian spirituality, religion, and tradition in worship, emphasising its distinctive reverence for the Supreme Power in the female form as JagadAmba.

The occasion marked the triumphant conclusion of Riddhi Vyas and 29 other teachers participating in the Gita Gnyan Yagna across 33 SHYAM WhatsApp Groups.

Over a period of 840 days, they shared each shloka of the Bhagavad Gita with a global audience, reaching over 340,000 individuals across 161 countries worldwide.

Anusha Sareen delivered a discourse on the significance of Shakti Puja, highlighting the profound spiritual essence of the Devi Mahatmaya. She emphasised how this text intricately details the worship of Shakti and chronicles her diverse manifestations, guiding seekers toward spiritual liberation.

Following this, Chhatralia too delivered a discourse on the symbolism behind the initial five manifestations of the Nava Durga. He elaborated on how Shakti embodies nine forms as Goddess Durga, each representing distinct attributes and revered during Navaratri celebrations across India.

Additionally, in a heartfelt tribute, Chhatralia commemorated the revered Pujyashree Amarsihn Jetthwa, a self-realised Yogi and devotee of Ambe Maa. He fondly reminisced about his experiences with Bapu Ji, crediting him for igniting his vision to promote, educate, and elevate society through the teachings of Hinduism.

Attendees collectively honoured Bapu for his embodiment of grace, wisdom, and humility, reflecting on his lasting influence on the community and humanity.

As the ninth year since Bapu’s Samadhi was observed, the gathering commemorated his divine spirit, an inspiration to all due to his profound connection with Shakti.

Blackman, who graciously hosted the event, delivered a warm welcome speech, highlighting the significance of deities in Indian culture and their representation of noble ideals for human aspiration.

As a gesture of gratitude, Chhatralia presented Blackman with the book “Ayurvedic Healing” by David Frawley.

Sir Peter Bottomly MP, elaborated on the importance of disseminating spiritual teachings, emphasising their role in fostering cultural connections.

Following suit, Viscount Younger delivered an address, delving into the deep significance of Diwali and the revered position of the Divine Feminine in Indian culture.

Chhatralia offered Viscount Younger too, a book on Maa Saraswati as a token of appreciation.

Gagan Mohindra MP emphasised the contemporary relevance of spreading the spiritual essence of Diwali, inspiring the audience while Andrea Jenkyns MP shared delightful experiences of celebrating Diwali in the UK and highlighted the substantial contributions of the Indian diaspora to the nation’s economy, society, and culture.

David Simmonds MP stressed the significance of preserving both ancient and modern cultural and spiritual values in society.

Both speakers and audience members extended gratitude to Blackman for hosting the event and expressed appreciation to the Parliamentarians for their support.

The Parliamentarians shared their perspectives on Diwali, spirituality, and preserving ancient cultural values. The event concluded with Chhatralia expressing gratitude to all attendees and organisers, celebrating the completion of the historic recital at the British Parliament.

This momentous occasion marked the successful culmination of the Devi Mahatmaya recital at the parliament, resonating with blessings from revered deities. This event also marked the first completion of such a significant Maha Gnyan Yagna at the parliament.

The overwhelming response and positive feedback received post-event underscored its significance and widespread appeal.



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