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22-year-old Kashmiri man makes it to NASA’s ‘Hall of Fame’


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Muneeb Amin Bhat, a 22-year-old techie from the Kulgam district in Jammu and Kashmir, has made headlines by securing a spot in NASA’s prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’. This recognition comes as a result of his exceptional contributions to cybersecurity, particularly in identifying vulnerabilities in NASA’s systems.

Originally from the village of Zungalpora in South Kashmir, Bhat’s journey to this remarkable achievement is inspiring. A cybersecurity researcher, Bhat had previously earned recognition from Apple’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2023 for uncovering vulnerabilities in their systems. His latest accolade from NASA marks another significant milestone in his burgeoning career.


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A post shared by Muneeb Amin Bhat (@bhatmuneeb_)

Bhat’s expertise came to the forefront when he reported critical findings to NASA through their Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), designed to identify and mitigate security risks. While specific details of the vulnerabilities he found remain confidential due to program guidelines, Bhat disclosed that they involved the potential exposure of sensitive data.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications (BCA) from IGNOU, Bhat’s path to success has been anything but straightforward. After dropping out of a B.Tech program at a private engineering college in Kashmir, he dedicated himself to cybersecurity. His story underscores the power of perseverance and dedication.

Bhatt shared his excitement and gratitude on Instagram, reflecting on his lifelong fascination with space exploration and his recent contributions to NASA’s cybersecurity.


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A post shared by Muneeb Amin Bhat (@bhatmuneeb_)

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Under the guidelines of NASA’s VDP, Bhat followed strict protocols, halting his testing and reporting his findings immediately upon discovering issues. NASA confirmed the validity of his reports and honored him by including his name in their ‘Hall of Fame’.

Bhat’s achievements are the result of years of tireless effort. “My success in ethical hacking didn’t come overnight; it is the result of 10 years of hard work,” he said. Beyond Apple and NASA, he has also enhanced the security of systems belonging to Oracle, McDonald’s, Intel, USAA, Indeed, and numerous other major organizations.

In today’s digital landscape, Bhat emphasizes the ongoing risks, stating, “No matter how big an organization is, if it is connected to a network, it is at risk of being hacked. Organizations worldwide seek ethical hackers to improve their security. Despite having their own cybersecurity teams, they invite hackers to test and report vulnerabilities to ensure foolproof security.”

NASA’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program aims to leverage the skills of researchers like Muneeb to maintain the security and integrity of their systems. This program allows researchers to test specific NASA websites and systems, report any discovered issues, and collaborate with NASA to address them, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.


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