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Study links diabetes to dementia

  Research from the University of Glasgow shows that people who have a cardiometabolic disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or coronary heart disease (CHD), perform worse on mental tests of reasoning, memory and reaction time, and having more than one of these conditions has an

Gilead wins India patent for blockbuster Hepatitis drug

India has granted a patent to US pharmaceutical giant Gilead for a blockbuster Hepatitis C drug, in a U-turn act ...

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‘One You’ health campaign asks ‘How are You’?

New ‘One You’ health campaign asks ‘How are You’? Modern day life makes it hard for pe ...

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E-cigarettes are 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco, finds UK study

ELECTRONIC cigarettes are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco and should be promoted as a tool to help ...

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India tightens rules on cigarettes, tobacco branding

TOBACCO companies in India will have to stamp health warnings across 85 per cent of the surface of cigarette pac ...

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Quick, short runs pack health benefits: US study

GOING out for a quick, daily run may be just as effective as a long-distance jaunt when it comes to prolonging y ...

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