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Fashion Brunch’s show returns with Asian cancer patients and survivors


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In a remarkable annual return on International Women’s Day, the Fashion Brunch, curated by Creative Director Anisha Vasani, has once again defied conventional norms, celebrating women with diverse backgrounds and challenges.

Departing from traditional fashion shows, this event has become a beacon of empowerment, uniting women from various walks of life and inspiring pride in their uniqueness.

Under the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ for International Women’s Day 2024, the runway spotlight will turn to ten incredibly courageous women, including cancer patients and survivors.

Set to showcase stunning designs by Nikaza Asian Couture and Deesh London, these women will not only grace the runway but also share their inspirational stories of resilience, courage, and triumph over adversity.

Among these remarkable individuals is Kreena Dhiman, a breast cancer survivor with a gripping story.

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“We know that black and brown people face inequalities when it comes to cancer care. South Asian Supernovas was established to close the cancer care gap through education, awareness and representation. Through the South Asian Supernovas community, a space has been created to allow patients to be seen and heard throughout their cancer experience” said Dhiman, founder of South Asian Supernovas and a breast cancer survivor.’

Dhiman emphasised the inequalities faced by black and brown communities in cancer care. The community she established aims to bridge this gap through education, awareness, and representation, providing a space for cancer patients to be seen and heard throughout their journey.

Another noteworthy participant is Veronica Mehta, an influential figure in the South Asian community and a renowned R&B/Bhangra artist. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, she temporarily withdrew from the public eye to focus on her healing journey.

Mehta, who recently made a comeback with a new single called ‘Gone’, expressed excitement about being part of such a transformative event, uniting cancer survivors to share their stories with strength and style.

In its fifth year, the Fashion Brunch continues to break barriers and redefine beauty standards. Vasani expressed her pride in championing the journeys of these ten courageous cancer warriors. Beyond a mere fashion event, the Fashion Brunch serves as a platform to uplift and celebrate the indomitable spirit of women worldwide.

Anisha Vasani (Photo credit: www.anishavasanicreates.com)

“lnternational Women’s Day is a celebration of strength, resilience, and empowerment, and as the Creative Director of The Fashion Brunch event which l have been curating for the past 5 years, celebrating empowering women, it’s my honour to champion the incredible journey of ten courageous cancer warriors. Through this event, we aim to showcase their beauty, grace, and unwavering spirit, highlighting their inspiring stories of survival and hope,” says Vasani.

The event, hosted at the exquisite ‘Courtyard by Marriott’ in London, promises not only a celebration of empowerment but also a showcase of women’s economic, social, cultural, and political achievements. Partnering with ‘Recommendasian,’ a platform supporting and uplifting 75,000 women, aligns seamlessly with the Fashion Brunch’s values of inclusion and empowerment.

Zamiha Desai, Founder of Recommendasian, highlighted the importance of this celebration, emphasising its inspiration from a business strategy session where the challenges faced by women with life-threatening illnesses were brought to light. With an anticipated attendance of 300-350 dynamic women, the fifth anniversary of the Fashion Brunch is set to be a grand congregation, offering liberty, recognition, and exhilaration.

The Fashion Brunch represents Vasani’s visionary journey, where guests not only shop, network, and brunch but also engage in uplifting panel discussions, share inspirational stories, and witness a captivating fashion show. The event aligns seamlessly with the values of International Women’s Day, embodying the theme of the year.

Anila Dhami (Photo credit: @AnilaDhami)

“l am so pleased to be hosting The Fashion Brunch for a fourth consecutive year! l love being involved because it is such an empowering and impactful event where women are honest and open on the panel chat; supportive as they network; lift one another as they share their stories. lt embodies the values of lnternational Women’s Day, particularly with the event entering on the theme of the year,” says Anila Dhami, Presenter at ITV and Channel 5 News.




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