The curator of the book, Nisha Nair was joined by three authors, Lissa Chazot, Prayas Abhinav and Dhaval Shukla

"People Called Ahmedabad" has taken more than a year of research

Mahatma Gandhi International School has arranged a special book reading event on Friday, 7th April 2017. The book - "People Called Ahmedabad" has taken more than a year of research. A team of 17 authors have shifted through the diverse layers of the city to create this anthology of 55 s

Soon, your heartbeat may be password to health records

A patient's own heartbeat may be soon used as the password to access electronic health records, say scientis ...

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Nobel Hygiene & Lions Clubs to help more than 50,000 Elderly Population every year

      Nobel Hygiene, a market leader in adult diapers, in association with Lions Club ...

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6 bleeding-heart non-resident Gujaratis feted in Ahmedabad

  An Ahmedabad-based organization felicitated six non-resident Gujaratis (NRGs) for their yeoman's ...

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Nipun Mehta--unsung hero of compassion

A leading social reformer, Nipun Mehta from California, was in London earlier this month for a brief stop on ...

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Parents told to vaccinate kids against flu

  A government-backed health body is urging Asian parents to vaccinate their children against the ...

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