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7 tips to help businesses fight climate change


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According to a recent study, the Earth may warm up to about 1.5 °C in the next five years. The Paris Agreement also set this limit earlier. Apart from the negative consequences on this planet, that’s a risk for businesses. The World Economic Forum suggested this. Resource scarcity, drought, and extreme weather can all interrupt supply chains. They can also decrease the demand for goods and services and impact the prices and accessibility of materials.

However, the tide can still be reversed. Today, more businesses and companies are contributing to the global fight against climate change. How can this be done effectively by your business? This guide will show you a few strategies. Read on.

Effective Ways to Companies Can Tackle Climate Change

There are several ways a business can help fight global warming. Below are a few tips.

Measure the greenhouse gas emissions of your company

You must first measure and analyze the greenhouse gas emissions in your business. Today, different private agencies can help you do this. Just make sure they have a low carbon footprint. This will help your business calculate the amount of carbon dioxide it emits.

After determining the amount of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, they must be further examined to ascertain what activities have the highest pollutants. That’s when the business can begin to find possible ways to diminish its emissions.

Have a workplace culture that’s climate conscious

The values of every business shouldn’t be limited to customers and employees. Remember that the environment in which your company operates is your largest stakeholder. Also, consider fighting climate change a significant value.

Create a sustainable workplace culture. Make your customers and staff learn about your business environment and how to work sustainably. This helps instill an ecologically friendly mindset through proper awareness and education. To do this, consider the following methods:

  • Grow a community vegetable garden, plant trees, or learn to cook to build a team.
  • Provide paid time allowances for every volunteer job.
  • Create positive messages about how to act more sustainably.

Go for greener equipment and infrastructures

Choosing greener infrastructure and equipment is also a great way to fight climate change as a business. This is how organizations can establish a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles. These vehicles meet the standards of the modern environment, so you can renovate the cars of your staff with them.

Again, when it’s time to purchase new laptops, air conditioners, office materials, printers, or bulbs, pick more sustainable and efficient ones.

Employee donations should match climate change initiatives

It’s also important to match your employees’ donations with climate change initiatives. What this does is encourage your staff to contribute more. That’s not all; it enhances a workplace culture that’s impact driven. When you show interest in the interests of your staff, you are also building an environment that encourages them to give back.

Improve biodiversity – conservation and reforestation

The role reforestation plays in combating global warming is very significant. Did you know that the capacity of the Earth to capture carbon is greatly diminished with the loss of forests? It also damages vital ecosystems for healthy biodiversity.

Businesses can make efforts to tackle deforestation. They need to buy an acre of rainforest for each of their staff. Hotjar did the same thing to pledge allegiance to capitalism. It was a partnership with the World Land Trust. Your company can consider a similar approach.

Another good approach is to plant trees. Yes, together, companies can grow millions of trees. Efforts to plant trees locally are also practical. It is a fun activity for building a team.

Go for green business travel

Certain travels must be avoided. It’s, therefore, essential that your business look for alternatives. For shorter journeys, use trains. Your business may likewise partner with a platform with tools to help you plan and measure CO2 relating to travel. They also need to have full transparency surrounding carbon offsetting.

Use less energy

According to an American study, over one-third of all CO2 emissions come from energy consumption in buildings. When companies reduce their energy consumption, there is a significant improvement in combating global warming. Below are things your business can do to reduce its energy consumption:

  • Use LED lights instead of bulbs.
  • Always turn off the lights at night in the office.
  • Unplug appliances in the evening.
  • Slightly reduce the air conditioning or heating.
  • Keep coming up with strategies to reduce energy consumption in your company.

Also, buy materials that can be recycled. It takes thirty percent less energy to process recycled glass than to produce a new one. Again, your business saves over ninety percent of the power needed to make items with recycled aluminum.


Climate change is a serious global issue. Businesses have also been contributing to this for years. However, there has been a shift; more businesses are now joining to combat this global problem. Use the strategies presented in this guide for your business. Finally, a company like Greenly.earth can help you integrate some thses tips. You can click here for more!


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