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Does pubic hair make you smell?


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Yes, especially when bacteria have clung to the hair and you hardly wash that area or shower. Ordinarily, your pubic hair should not make you smell if you wash and shower regularly.

Unfortunately, some people prefer to apply deodorants down there rather than wash thoroughly. Pubic hair is supposed to protect against friction, but when left unkempt, it could cause other issues like irritation and body odor.

Tips to keep your balls cool and dry 

It needs to be cool and dry to reduce any odor coming from around your groin region. Your pubic area is prone to sweating, so proper care is required in order to reduce any smell. Check out these tips below:

Hair removal

No doubt, pubic hair serves a purpose because it reduces friction from tight clothing. In addition, public hair helps to wick sweat away from your skin. However, when bacteria cling to the hair, it will course odor and may lead to infection. Getting rid of pubic hair is an excellent way to keep the balls cool and try. Nevertheless, you can do so within 1 to 3 months, depending on how fast it grows.

Don’t use deodorant

Using deodorant around your private region is not advisable because it is a sensitive area. A deodorant may be suitable for your armpits but could do some damage down there if you have sensitive skin. However, instead of using regular deodorant, you can look for one made for this particular area of the body.

Showering often

Aside from hair removal, one way to keep your balls cool, dry, and free from odor is to show them often. The sweat on your pubic hair could cause a lot of odor if it is not washed regularly. More so, some people shower without adequately washing their pubic area.

Change your clothes are every sweat sesh

After a hectic day, you need to refresh and change your clothes. Wearing wet underwear could cause many problems, including itching, burning, and infection. However, women are prone to these issues, but it could affect men too. Therefore, to reduce the possibility of contracting these diseases, then you need to change your underwear after a sweaty section at the gym or a hectic day at work. One of the fungi that thrive in moist environments is yeast.

What is the best way to remove pubic hair ?

Aside from shaving, there are other ways to remove your pubic hair without causing any skin damage. Let’s take a look!


Shaving is one of the fastest ways to get rid of pubic hair. You need a razor, shaving cream, or a shaving stick to remove the hair. After shaving the pubic hair, ensure that you moisturize the skin around your pubic region. Also, your razor should be sharp, because blunt ones cause bumps and rashes.


Since so many people don’t know how to use razors, another alternative is trimmers. Interestingly, trimmers are designed to ease your burden when shaving your pubic hair. Trimmers are very easy to use because their shapes are crafted to shave your balls. Nevertheless, make sure the trimmers are from a quality brand.


Waxing is also a good way to get rid of pubic hair. However, you have to be careful around the balls because you don’t need to apply so much force. Use a waxing cream that will not cause irritation or itching. Also, the waxing cream isn’t too hot, so you won’t get burns on your skin. Remember, the skin around your lower region is very sensitive.

Laser removal

Pubic hairs have an important role they play. Laser hair removal is carried out by a professional in the office. However, not everyone would opt for laser removal for their pubic hair. But if you don’t want any hair to grow in your pubic region, you can opt for a lesser removal. Before you opt for laser hair removal in your pubic region, make sure you do proper research about the pros and cons.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are also used to remove pubic hair. The depilatory cream removes hair from the skin. Even though the hair shaft is removed, the root remains intact. Using depilatory creams is more like shaving. One downside of depilatory creams is that they could cause burns. Make sure your skin is not too sensitive because depilatory creams may cause itching too.


If you wash your pubic hair often, you may not need to shave regularly. Leaving your pubic hair unshaven and unwashed will cause your body to smell. Therefore, ensure that you keep your pubic hair tidy to avoid hiding bacteria. Finally, to trim your pubic hair wihout getting any injury, you need a trimmer that is sharp. You can use the samurai blade for trimmer because it is affordable and sharp.


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