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4 Tips for Finding a Good Dispensary in DC


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When you’re in D.C., you don’t want to put your toe on the wrong side of the legal line. With a variety of metropolitan police, FBI Police, United States Park Police, Capitol Police, and United States Pentagon Police congregating around the area, crime doesn’t go over well.

Even if you have a medical marijuana license, ignorance of the details doesn’t get you off the hook.

So it’s crucial that you know the laws about weed use in the city of rules and regulations.

Is Marijuana Even Legal in D.C.?

In a quick review, it’s kind of legal to have marijuana in D.C., as long as you have a medical marijuana card and you’re at least 21.

The caveat is that you only have two ounces or less in your possession, and you can only use it on private property.

You can grow up to six plants yourself (with no more than three mature at one time). However, private parties can’t sell weed to anyone, ever.

If you don’t plan on cultivating your own stash, how do you buy it if no one can legally sell it?

The answer, according to the D.C. rules, is that you use an authorized dispensary. Finding one, on the other hand, isn’t always that simple.

If you use these tips, they’ll guide you to your nearest reputable seller.

1. Check for Licensing

The most important factor to look into before you buy from anyplace is whether they’re licensed to sell or not. The dispensary could be right across the street from your home, but if they don’t have a license, you don’t want to risk buying.

Always check to make sure the facility’s license is up-to-date before you buy. You don’t want to get fined or arrested because of a technicality.

2. Opt for Convenience

Although it’s one city, D.C. has an area of over 68 square miles. How far do you want to travel for your weed?

According to the 2022 release from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, within the boundaries of D.C., there are eight licensed dispensaries. This can change at any time, but it’s a good place to start.

Grab your GPS and input each facility, or use a good old-fashioned map. Make a list of how far they are from your location, and then use the closest ones to narrow your search down with the rest of these factors.

3. Review the Stock

A government license to sell cannabis doesn’t dictate which products the store stocks. Like any retail shop, each store will carry its own choice of items.

If there’s something specific you want, check the store’s website or call ahead to verify that they carry it. Some places stick with the basics, while others carry more of the niche products.

Shopping around online before you go also lets you see if their stuff is reasonably priced. High-quality product isn’t going to be “cheap,” but it should be competitively priced with the other dispensaries in the area.

Don’t cross stores that don’t carry your usual favorites off the list quite yet. Venturing out with cannabis can be a good way to find new strains and methods of using them.

When you’re in the store, take some time to walk around and ask the salesperson questions. You may go home with something that could become your new favorite product!

4. Research the Reviews

You know that quality means everything when it comes to cannabis products. Cheaply made and inexpensive aren’t worth a dime if you don’t get the results you were looking for.

Read the reviews on social media, Google My Business, Yelp, and your go-to sites.

Does the store stock high-quality products? Do they deliver (and are you in their service area)? How is the customer service?

The more feedback you can get about a particular dispensary the better. It’s not usually possible to please everyone. Yet, if you’re reading negative review after negative review, that’s usually a warning to stay away. And if most people say good things, you could have a winning dispensary.


Just because you live in or are visiting what’s possibly the strictest place in the country doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the benefits of weed. As long as you have your medical marijuana card and buy from a dispensary (or grow your own), feel free to enjoy your cannabis in any private location that allows you to light up there.



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