THE charity wing of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Lotus Trust has launched a campaign through its network of temples and affiliate organisations to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, a statement said. 

Devotees of ISKCON based in countries bordering Ukraine are distributing free food and other assistance to people crossing the borders.

The charity has raised funds to support food distribution centres and to help those affected by the war directly, the statement added.

“The first stage of our support is to help the refugees coming out of Ukraine. We are partnering up with the ISKCON centres in Hungary and Romania especially to provide hot meals. We are helping them to scale up to at least 10,000 meals a day,” said Dr Sanjiv Agarwal, chair of the Lotus Trust.

“The second stage will be to support people within Ukraine itself, as soon as we are allowed access. Finally, we want to help rehabilitate individuals and families back into their home country. We are working with local charities in directly affected areas and we are requesting the public to generously donate.”

Her Grace Visakha Dasi, the temple president of Bhaktivedanta Manor, said: “Our whole community and beyond has reacted with compassion and generosity to get help to where it is needed most, prayers are being held daily for the conflict to be resolved.”