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HomeNewsReality show winner held in India for selling snake venom to ravers

Reality show winner held in India for selling snake venom to ravers


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Gone are the days of mundane drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or even injectable drugs; the Indian ravers are more interested in experimenting with snake venom! Yes, as untrue as it sounds, the winner of Indian Bigg Boss season 2 on OTT, also a Youtuber, Elvish Yadav, has been arrested for consuming cobra venom to get ‘high’.

The police recently raided a party and found not just loud music, but also cobras and a bottle of snake venom. Yadav got arrested for selling this venom.

The police claim to have strong evidence against Yadav related to the use of snake venom at rave parties. Yadav reportedly confessed to arranging snake venom and filming a video with a snake at a party hosted by singer Fazilpuria.

The police are now investigating Fazilpuria’s involvement and trying to identify others involved in organizing these parties.

Snake venom addiction is a rare form of substance abuse where people intentionally get exposed to venom for intoxication. The investigation also seeks to link Fazilpuria to a snake charmer arrested earlier.

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Elvish Yadav’s friend, Hardik Anand, is absconding after allegedly leaving seven snakes with another snake charmer to avoid arrest. Yadav was remanded to 14-day judicial custody after his arrest.

This case follows the arrest of five people during a raid on a Noida, near the Indian capital Delhi, banquet hall last year. They were accused of supplying snake venom for rave parties, and nine snakes along with venom were seized.

This super-strong poison comes from cobras, which the snake charmers milk and sell to partygoers who want a long-lasting high.

People for Animals (PFA), a group that helps animals, played a big part in catching Yadav. They pretended to want snake venom for a party and caught him red-handed.

The snakes are often starved and have their fangs pulled out to make them easier to handle. The charmers make the snakes spit the venom, which is then collected and taken by the partygoers. Sometimes, they even use harmless snakes. The venom needs to be carefully measured, or it could be deadly.

Once in the body, the venom makes people feel happy and relaxed, kind of like strong drugs.

Snake venom can actually be used for good things like medicine, but using it as a drug is an alarming situation for all the druggies. The parties with snake venom are a scary new trend that needs to be highlighted and made aware of.

YouTuber Elvish Yadav, winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, was granted bail today by court. He was arrested in March on charges related to the alleged use of snake venom as a recreational drug at a party. Yadav had been in judicial custody since his arrest on March 17.


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