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Pakistan teams up with China to launch orbiter for lunar mission


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Pakistan embarks on its maiden lunar exploration mission in conjunction with China’s Chang’e-6 probe. Spearheaded by Pakistan’s Institute of Space Technology (IST) in alliance with Chinese and domestic agencies, the ICUBE-Q orbiter boasts dual optical cameras for surface surveillance. This joint endeavor signifies a significant leap forward in Pakistan’s celestial pursuits.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif lauds this feat, foreseeing advancements in satellite communication and scientific inquiry. Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar underscores the pivotal role of international collaboration in space exploration, heralding opportunities for Pakistani youth. The CubeSat ICUBE-Q is slated to orbit the moon for three to six months, gathering crucial data for scientific inquiry and technological innovation.

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) reveals that the ICUBE-Q satellite is engineered for sample collection from the moon’s far side, aligning with China’s Chang’e-6 mission objectives. Integration of Pakistan’s orbiter into China’s lunar venture signifies a deepening bond in space exploration between the two nations.

“Similar to our achievements in the nuclear domain, our scientists and engineers are dedicatedly advancing in this realm,” asserts Prime Minister Sharif, reaffirming Pakistan’s dedication to space prowess.

CubeSats, epitomized by ICUBE-Q, revolutionize satellite technology with their diminutive stature and standardized design, offering economical avenues for scientific inquiry and data retrieval. The successful deployment of ICUBE-Q underscores Pakistan’s burgeoning presence in space technology, setting the stage for future collaborative endeavors in celestial exploration.


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