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Avnish Goyal, head of UK care homes, abseils down Empire State building for charity event


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A prominent figure from the healthcare sector, recognized for his leadership in luxury care homes and charitable initiatives, recently undertook a notable philanthropic endeavor in New York City. Alongside a group of dedicated supporters, he participated in a challenging event – descending the iconic Empire State Building.

This courageous feat showcased not only physical prowess but also a steadfast dedication to philanthropy and community support.

The charitable event, aptly named the Big Rappel, was a resounding success, raising an impressive $3.24 million for the development of young people. The funds garnered from this endeavor hold immense potential to positively impact the lives of countless individuals, providing them with invaluable opportunities for growth and empowerment.


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A post shared by Avnish Goyal (@avnishgoyal_cbe)

Avnish Goyal, esteemed as the chair of Hallmark Luxury Care Homes and the founder of two impactful charities, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to philanthropy through his involvement in this venture. His dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world is deeply ingrained.

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Leading a prominent group of care homes, Goyal cultivates a culture of compassion and community support. His leadership, spanning both business and philanthropy, inspires others to contribute to noble causes, reflecting a beacon of inspiration.

As the founder of the Goyal Foundation and the Hallmark Foundation, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at uplifting and empowering individuals from all walks of life.

These foundations stand as a testament to Goyal’s unwavering belief in the power of philanthropy to effect positive change and create lasting impact.

“I did it. One of only a handful of people to ever abseil down one of the world’s most famous buildings, the Empire State Building. I started at the 103rd floor, leaning backwards to start the abseil at over 1,300 feet, said Goyal.

“What an exhilarating experience, expanding my comfort zone to make a difference to so many young people through our workshops with the Outward Bound Trust and Inner Spark. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on the journey with kind words and donations. There is still time to donate,” he added.

Furthermore, Goyal’s support for Outward Bound, a cause close to his heart, is emblematic of his commitment to providing transformative outdoor experiences for young people.

Through the Inner Spark program, a new partnership between Outward Bound and the Goyal Foundation, Goyal aims to extend these opportunities to even more individuals, ensuring that youth from diverse backgrounds have access to life-changing outdoor adventures.


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A post shared by Avnish Goyal (@avnishgoyal_cbe)

In essence, Avnish Goyal’s participation in the Big Rappel not only showcased his fearlessness in the face of challenges but also exemplified his profound dedication to philanthropy and youth development.

Outward Bound is a global educational and charitable network whose mission is to change young people’s lives through challenge, learning, and adventure.


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