A PREVOUSLY unknown notebook of Nobel Laureate Ranbindranath Tagore, containing his poems and other works, dated back to 1928 has fetched USD 170,500 (£109,936) at a Sotheby`s auction in New York.

The legendary Indian poet-artist`s book contained 12 poems and lyrics for as many songs in Bengali, including some heavily amended drafts of his subsequently published works.

Tagore had presented the notebook to a family friend and early patron in the mid -1930s, through whose family it has descended.

Two of the song lyrics in the collection were later included in the dance drama `Chitranggada`, first performed in 1892 and then modified and extended in 1936.

Three other song lyrics were included in Tagore`s three- volume song collection entitled `Gitabitan`, published in 1931.



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