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Apart from being a popular actress who has several notable acting credits to her name, Jameela Jamil is also an activist. She is the founder of the community I Weigh, which is dedicated to radical inclusivity. Not many people may not know it, but the actress has herself been dealing with an invisibility disability called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a group of inherited disorders that affect connective tissue.

Talking about the same, Jamil told a digital publication, “It is severe lack of collagen, just to put in the simplest terms. It means complications with your bones, teeth, joints, skin and your vital organs. Basically, nothing works properly. You look like the absolute picture of health on the outside, and you are subjected to a lifetime of doubt cast on you by people who have not lived with an invisible illness.”

The actress further added that one of the top issues people with Ehlers-Danlos face is people thinking that they are making up their symptoms and hence, are often met not with sympathy, but doubt and mockery. “That’s why it is so important for me to stay loud and proud about it so we can have more representation around Ehlers-Danlos and can get some funding,” she added.

Jamil, who has dedicated her life to activism, particularly for people with disabilities, was recently a guest on the Equal Too podcast, which highlights the incredible stories and struggles of people living with disabilities.

“For someone who maybe has just found that they have a disability, that someone they love does, or they want to be an ally for people with disabilities, this is a perfect series for you. It is full of very real conversations, but they are incredibly entertaining, too,” she said.

On the work front, Jameela Jamil recently joined the star cast of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) upcoming TV series She-Hulk.

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