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The Hindi remake of the successful Tamil-language film Anniyan (2005) has found itself in

hot water even before going into production. We all know that well-known filmmaker

Shankar, who helmed the original film featuring Vikram, Sadha, and Prakash Raj in

principal roles, has joined forces with Ranveer Singh for the official Hindi remake. Jayantila

Gada is bankrolling it under his production house, Pen Studios.

In April, 2021, the team announced the film with much fanfare. However, things went awry

when days after the official announcement, Anniyan producer V Ravichandran claimed tha

he owns the copyright of the film and nobody can remake it without his consent. He also sai

that Shankar should not proceed with the Hindi film.

Speaking about the same, Ravichandran told a publication, “Usually, when anyone remakes

movie, one producer meets the other, and then we finally call the director. However, for the

first time, without informing the producer, the director went and met another Hindi

producer and even fixed the actor.”

He added that he is waiting for producer Jayantilal Gada, who is producing the Hindi

remake, to brief him about the situation but even he has not said anything despite being a

very close friend and a thorough gentleman.

Ravichandran said that he also plans to go to the High Court to resolve the matter. He has

already filed a complaint against Shankar with the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerc

(SIFCC) and claims that the body is going to support him.

“He (Shankar) can say and claim anything, but everyone knows that Anniyan is my movie

and I hired him to direct the film. I don’t want to sell the movie, want to produce it. I was

shocked that without my knowledge, a remake of the film was announced,” he said in


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