Fake IDs are very common among teenagers today. That is because to get one; they only need to find a fake ID website and pay a few dollars. Shockingly, some of the main reason why teenagers buy fake IDs is to indulge in things that are illegal for children. While many parents are forced to deal with children that are addicted to drugs and alcohol, most of them don’t know where the root of the problem is. With more phony ID websites coming up by the day, it is imperative for every parent to know that their children might be spending time in bars instead of going to school.

Fake IDs are too real

Teenagers use fake IDs without getting caught all the time. That is because; fake ID makers have attained technology that is good enough to create undetectable IDs. Some of the ways used to detect counterfeit Ids include scanning them using a device or folding it. Its makers, on the other hand, came to realize that these tests can put them out of business. Differentiating between real and fake ID is today impossible unless more evidence is provided.

There are countless cases of teenagers who have been using fake IDs until they reached the legal age and get the real thing. However, using a fake ID is against the law in any country no matter how real it looks. Apart from teenagers who want to buy booze, fake a fake ID can come in handy for an adult who wants to use it for a more genuine reason. For example, someone can use a fake ID temporarily if theirs gets lost.

Society is to blame

Any parent can get furious when they find their child with a fake ID. That is because it is illegal and can attract a lot of trouble with the authorities. However, you need to understand that some of the things that make children buy fake IDs encouraged by the parents. For example, your child will only know that a club is a fan place after seeing what happens there on TV. No parent will want to have their children bored in the house, and that is why television is the most famous electronic in the world.

The kind of friends we keep around our children also matter a great deal because they learn from what they see and hear. If you have friends that you go clubbing with, then it is not safe to share your happy moments in front of the child. Some parents give their children too much freedom, and this creates room for things like fake IDs because they want to use their freedom to explore the world. Night clubs and bars are also not very keen when it comes to identifying how old their customers are. Looks can be deceiving, and some teenagers don’t look like they are teens at all.

Teach your children about values

A house that children are taught good values by word and practice save the parents from a lot of trouble. Remember that children learn everything they know from the people around them. That is why parenting is said to be the hardest responsibility. With values, teachings are daily; hence as a parent, you will have to change your schedule and drop a few extra activities that you liked.

Remember that as your child grows, they begin to have a better understanding of things around them but are still unable to decide between right and wrong. A child that has been raised in a religious family, for example, will not want a fake ID. That is because they understand that it is against the law and there must be consequences for breaking the law. A child that has been raised in a family where alcohol is stocked in the fridge is most likely to get a fake ID. That is because they want to taste alcohol but cannot do it at home. In some cases, however, some parents have complained of their alcohol reducing.

As simple as it may seem, having your child to understand that there are things meant for adults and that getting involved in them will lead them into trouble is a good way to start. However, you might want to keep your drinks somewhere private because temptations will begin to get worse the moment he or she keeps meeting the alcohol in the refrigerator.

Exercise digital parenting

Since smartphones have replaced TVs, tracking your child’s phone is the best thing that you can ever do. That is because it will enable you to intervene before things get out of hand. Mobile trackers will allow you to know everything that your child is up to since you can track both their location and activities. You, however, want to ensure that the tracker is not detectable. That is because it’s important to know the true colors of your child. That way, you can even stop them from buying fake IDs because they will probably use their phones to order.

Through tracking their phones, you will also be able to know which friends are misleading your child. Remember that peer pressure is what leads most teenagers into doing things that they will regret later. The good thing is that they plan everything using their phones; hence by implementing digital parenting, you stand a better chance of preventing your child from breaking the law by getting a fake ID.


Before a teenager gets to buy a fake ID, there is a good reason behind it. Also, remember that getting a fake ID is not a decision that one can make in a split of a second; it is an idea that is built upon inspired by a strong desire to do something illegal like buying alcohol. As a responsible parent, you need to be able to read all the signs that your child is up to something unusual. However, you might want to track their phones so that you don’t end up making the wrong allegations.