Will John Cena return to SmackDown for Fox Sports 1 debut show?


WWE SmackDown will be making its debut on Fox Sports 1 on October 4, 2019, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the historic weekly show. It has been reported from several WWE news sources that the debut show of The Blue Brand is going to be a major attraction, and the WWE Universe will get to see the superstars from both Raw and SmackDown making their appearances along with former superstars and WWE legends.

One of the biggest names in WWE history is that of John Cena – the man who was the face of the company for over a decade. Will we get to see The Champ make his return to SmackDown for its Fox Sports debut episode? Looking at the way things work in WWE, we can see that there’s a good chance for John Cena to make an appearance, as the presence of one of the biggest draws in the history of the company is quite crucial for such a momentous occasion – the 20th anniversary of SmackDown.

John Cena is now primarily focusing on his acting career, so we cannot expect him to make a full-time return to the company as a performer but we can always expect to see him make some surprise appearances for a few noteworthy episodes of Raw and SmackDown and at the big PPV events. SmackDown’s move to fox Sports 1 is a big deal for WWE and it has been reported by several WWE news sources that this is the biggest deal that WWE has ever received and the deal amounts to an astonishing sum of $1 billion! Therefore it’s evident that both WWE and Fox Sports 1 will try their best to make the necessary amendments for keeping the ratings up for SmackDown. Most of the times, greater preference is given to Raw but now that SmackDown is all set to move to the Fox Sports network after signing a lucrative deal, it’s an absolute necessity for some big names to be present as a part of the brand – especially on the first episode on the network, since it is also going to be the 20th anniversary show.  The importance of the debut show is massive and the members of The Cenation hope to see their leader address the WWE Universe on the 4th of October.

Fox has been promoting SmackDown’s arrival through commercials featuring superstars of both the present and the past. Among the legends, they have included the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Sting and John Cena in their commercials. While this can be seen as a necessary move for promotional and advertising purposes, we should remember the fact that John Cena made his WWE debut on SmackDown back in June 2002 kick-starting the Ruthless Aggression Era, and went on to become the face of the company. Thus, the 20th anniversary of SmackDown also marks the 20th anniversary of John Cena in WWE. We can therefore expect to see John Cena on the 20th anniversary show, which also happens to be the debut show of The Blue Brand on Fox Sports 1.


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