India was and remains a cricket-crazy nation. A huge number of fans follow the game religiously and have informed opinions about how it should be played. They even do their bit in taking their favorite stars to the level of divinity. Their passion, though, hasn’t been limited to the television sets. They implement their cricketing skills in each and every corner of the Indian streets. However, with the advent of the internet and online gaming cricket has found a new outlet. Youngsters now do not just limit their skills to the field. They also resort to their mobile phones or laptops to play cricket online. `

With the advent of online fantasy cricket games a new avenue has been added to the passion for cricket. Falling in the category of online gaming, fantasy cricket is different from ordinary online gaming. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the thrills and chills of online gaming in addition to giving you the chance of winning exciting prizes. It is larger in scope given that it gives you the opportunity to create your own team and lead them to winning a match. It gives you the feeling that you are playing the match on the field.

So what are the basic reasons behind this growing popularity of fantasy cricket and why is it gaining an edge over other online cricket games?

Enjoy the Action in the Comfort of Your Home

Gone are the days when fans had to travel miles to enjoy the thrills of cricket from the stands. Even drawing room watching has taken a new meaning with the inception of fantasy cricket. Here, all you need to do is download a fantasy cricket app, log in with your credentials and start creating a team consisting of 11 players allotted specific points. It doesn’t require much effort. Just a few strategic decisions and a good knowledge of the game would be adequate.

Feeling a Sense of Responsibility

Once you create a playing 11 from the 22 available players participating in a particular match, your responsibility as a fan grows. You are no longer just a passive watcher. You are responsible toward your own team just like a coach is in an actual match. The runs your players score and the wickets your players take could make or break your day. It thus gives rise to an adrenaline rush and helps you win cash prizes if you take part in a particular fantasy cricket competition. The amount of the prizes increases with the increase in the overall number of competitors.

Helps Build a Team Spirit

Fantasy cricket teaches you the value of patience, discipline and endurance. Learning from your past mistakes, you can make improvements to your game and increase your chances of winning. It prepares you for the best and worst scenarios. While playing live with real people, you can learn a lot of things. Being the coach of the team, you learn leadership skills and the value of team spirit.

Uninterrupted Action

Unlike other online cricket games, there are no real-time interruptions in fantasy cricket. It is always meant to keep you on your toes and keep your excitement levels high.

Challenges Create More Excitement

Fantasy cricket can often be tricky and challenging. You need to have all the odds aligned in your favor in order to win a particular competition. In the process of overcoming all these challenges you would feel more excited and develop a zeal that would double your motivation of spending time in creating your team in a fantasy cricket app.

Plenty to Be Won

Fantasy cricket’s key excitement factor is the prizes it offers to the winners. There are multiple prizes to be won. When you log in to a fantasy cricket app, you have the option to choose from multiple matches. Once you make that selection, you are required to pick your team. Remember, in most such apps the captain is the one that earns you 2X points while the vice-captain fetches 1.5X points. The more runs they score or the more wickets they take, the more the chances of your winning.

Once the team selection is done, you need to put your team up against others in different competitions. There are plenty to choose from. Some of the competitions are one-on-one. Here you face a single opponent with both participants entering the pool with a certain amount of money. The one finishing with more points takes away all the money as the prize while the opponent finishes with nothing.

Likewise, there are competitions as well where the number of participants is higher. The prize money there is high as well, given that each player enters the competitions with a certain amount of money and often there are multiple winners.

There are additional benefits of investing in the certified and most trusted Howzat app as well. Once you make a minimum of ₹100 deposit, you can refer your friends to the app and win cash prizes. You get ₹500 for free when that friend that you invited makes a deposit of ₹100.

Fantasy Cricket Is Completely Legal

Fantasy Cricket falls in the category of skill gaming. Therefore, it is not part of betting or gambling. Hence it is completely legal and fans can play it without any worry.

Given the advent of the Indian T20 League, the popularity of fantasy cricket is only going to grow. The industry is estimated to exhibit a CAGR of 17.9% over the course of the next five years. Online Fantasy games are certainly the next big thing in the market and it would be hard to keep yourself immune to it.