Selecting the best football bookmakers or as they are called in Hungarian foci bukméker, is the same as cricket bookmakers. It depends on several points; some prefer bookmakers who offer the most competitive betting odds while others are in it for regular promotions. Other aspects that punters are looking for in a bookmaker whether in football or cricket include sign-up bonuses, user-friendliness, responsiveness to mobile devices, free bets among others.

For those who may have been reluctant to bet on cricket, this information is important as now they can dive into the game, confident that the same aspects that they have been looking for in the selection of football bookmakers apply in cricket betting. In this article, we are going to explore the game of cricket, the two main international tournaments, and the Men’s ICC Twenty20 International championships in 2021 and 2022. We predict that the tournaments will not be postponed as it has happened earlier-two times. We also give tips to the bettors especially on what to look for when it comes to making predictions in these tournaments.

Postponements and likelihood of the games happening this time round

A number of 16 teams will be participating in the Men’s ICC Twenty20 International in 2021 and 2022. This is a tournament that will be entering its seventh edition this year with the Gulf States of United Arab Emirates and Oman playing hosts.

This is after the tournament was postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 where Australia was to play the host. It was also postponed a second time when it was due to be hosted by India after the country experienced a huge surge in COVID-19 infections. This time around, there are high hopes that the championships will go on as planned.

Organizers are betting on low infection rates in the host countries and also better management of the disease. Also, what increases their confidence in the games going on as planned is the fact that the two countries have managed to keep their infection rates low compared to other regions. This is partly attributed to the strict rules that they have instituted as well as the strong COVID-19 vaccinations campaigns which rate among the highest in the region and world.

Lessons from other events

It is almost certain that this time there will be no postponement as we have seen major international sporting events happening even as the host countries battle the high rates of infection. One event that has been completed without major incident is the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The country was experiencing a surge in infections but even after holding the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, there have been no worrying trends. The games were held under strict measures where spectators were not allowed in the field, vaccination rules were in place and all the participants were required to wear masks at all times when they were not competing.

Another event that has been held successfully is the Under 20 World Athletics competitions which were staged in Nairobi, Kenya. The country is undergoing a fourth wave of infections but there were no incidences that were reported in the stadiums and athletics villages. This is a result of strict measures that have been put in place by organizers. Similar measures should be put in the Cricket tournaments so that we do not have any further postponing of the ICC World Twenty20 Championships.

Expanded participation

The 2021 and 2022 events will be the last to have the participation of sixteen teams; the next four T20 World Cup tournaments, from 2024 to 2030 will see expanded participation where 20 teams will be competing.

Performance of the teams

Since its inception in 2007, the T20 World cup tournament has been held six times. In 2007, the tournament which was held in South Africa had India emerging as the winner. The country has participated in all six championships where they have played thirty-one games, emerged winners in seventeen of these, lost twelve, and drew in one of the games. The winning percentage of this team is currently standing at fifty-eight percent.

What this means is that of all the games that the team has participated they are have won approximately six games. This is an important statistic for any cricket betting enthusiast especially when it comes to making predictions. For the coming tournament, if you are betting for or against the Indian team has in mind this statistic, the winning percentage as well as combines with other factors such as the current standing of the team and the players.

Will the team be staging the same players who have helped them win in the past tournaments? If there are new players, what is their performance in the recent games? Where is the tournament being held? Is it at home or away in an environment that the team considers harsh? What is the level of their preparation? Armed with these details, you will be confident to make a prediction and the chances of winning such bids are high.

For those who may be starting in cricket betting, this may seem a surmountable task. You may be worried that this information is not coming by, however, with Mightytips, you are well covered. The cricket games analysis is done for you; at times all that you have to do is make a bet and wait.

Other teams to watch in the two tournaments are:

  • West Indies, a team with two wins, a winning percentage of 58.33 % and are the current champions
  • Sri Lanka which has six appearances, one win, and the highest winning percentage of 64.28%
  • Pakistan was the champion in 2009, has six appearances, and has a winning percentage of 57.35%
  • England were the champions in 2010 and currently have a winning percentage of 48.38%
  • Australia has six appearances with sixteen wins out of thirty-one games and a winning percentage of 55.17%
  • South Africa has a winning percentage of 60% having participated in all six tournaments.

It is expected that the two cricket competitions will be tough, cricket betting enthusiasts will have a hard time deciding on several outcomes. With almost equal winning percentages, it will be hard to predict which team takes the cup, especially in 2021. For the 2022 tournament, predictions may be easy since the performance of the team in the 2021 tournament will give an indication.

For Hungary cricket betting enthusiasts, this is a chance to bet on a relaxed mode since you are not pressured. The Hungarian national team is not participating; therefore the pressure is removed but it is a time to learn some lessons for the future tournaments; the team can also be a participant where the fans make a bet and also cheer for the home team.


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