If you have a sharp eye, you can actually see that this exact online casino game came from a movie due to a lot of familiar features. When it comes to video games, you will also find out that they are related to certain video games.

Players who end up playing these video games will actually have a lot of fun as they can relate to everything. In fact, winning and gaining momentum is high because you have seen how it happens in the movie. The stages of the game are also easily noticeable.

Now, let us look at some of the video games that were derived from movies.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time took the movie scene by storm when it was released. The same actions and movements that are visible in the movie are also found in the game, making it easy to play. This game is actully fun and exciting to play. Unlike Postal, video expectations were met. You can actually feel the Persian momentum while playing the video game.


Postal is a video game that resembles Warcraft, but many gaming geeks have labeled Postal as the worst ever adaptation of a video game. Engineers of Postal tried to squeeze the concept but it was really difficult to get the fun out of it. It is a fairly good movie but lacks video gaming fun, and exhilaration. The movie is a violent one and the storyline is also based on the 2001 Fall of the Twin Towers.

Need For Speed

Maximum speeds and various car selections in the movie are also found in the game. However, the game has been criticized for having swayed from the main theme. If you are into casinos, you can expect to find Need for Speed online casino themed slot machine (also known as machine sous en ligne in French).

Assassin’s Creed

Playing Assassin’s Creed is more fun because, in your mind, you have this image of the stars that were part and parcel of the cast. Players make the exact moves and actions that were displayed in the real movie.