THE UK will take up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi the warning by Moody's Analytics that there has been a rise in ethnic tensions in India which could affect its credibility overseas, during his maiden visit to the UK next week, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Thursday (November 5).
He said Prime Minister David Cameron would take note of the assessment in the context of Modi's plans for the development of the Indian economy.
He was responding on being asked whether the topic of ethnic tensions and human rights would figure in discussions.
"We always talk about issues of mutual concern. I am sure Prime Minister Modi will have issues he will want to raise around the Indian diaspora in the UK," Hammond said during a pre-visit briefing at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. 
"…I am sure Prime Minister Cameron will want to ask about some of the issues mentioned [Moody's 'India Outlook: Searching for Potential' report] because they are clearly relevant to Prime Minister Modi's plans for the development of the Indian economy and the opening of India to the outside world and the securing of India's sustainable development," he said.
Moody's has put out and stood by a report stating that there has been a rise in ethnic tensions in India. It had said that Prime Minister Modi must keep BJP members in check or risk "losing domestic and global credibility".
Modi begins a three-day visit to the UK next Thursday (November 12), during which the UK government has indicated that rather than any one major announcement, there are likely to be a number of smaller and mediums projects to be unveiled. 


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