The Ultimate Men’s Partywear Guide


As the festive party season approaches, there’s never been a better time to refresh your wardrobe and find some outfits that you feel confident in. But, where do you begin? Are you staring at the page of a men’s designer sale and feeling overwhelmed with choices? If so, you’re not alone. This guide is here to help.

Stock up on these essential (and statement) items so that you’re prepared for any party scenario, from the office gathering to a black tie charity event. All of the suggestions in this guide will keep you looking stylish wherever you go.

Modern Black Tie

You’ll be sure to see a lot of black tie dress codes this season. The polo-neck and tux combination has been threatening to be fashionable for a long time, and it has finally arrived.

It was Prince William’s appearance at The Earthshot Prize that cemented the look’s acceptance, before Lewis Hamilton wore an all-blue version to receive his WSJ Magazine Sports Innovator Award in New York.

Black tie attire has also been heavily influenced by the runway, with London menswear designer Bianca Saunders decking out her tailoring with turtle necks for the AW21 season.

Like the look, but want to make it even more casual? A plain white tee, paired with an evening silk scarf, will make the perfect combo for you.

Stylish Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers aren’t just for children. Traditional colours and styles are acceptable for everyday wear, but if you want to keep it classy, try to avoid any cartoons, Christmas decoration prints, and, most crucially, slogan-based clothing. Instead, cream and white tones have a frosted appearance without being overwhelming or giving the appearance that you’re attending an Ugly Christmas Jumper Party.

Cocktail Party Attire

A swanky drinks party requires livening up your upper half. Party print tees and a beautiful necklace are the greatest way to stand out without causing a fuss. On a budget, pick from polyester or silk.

At the other end of the spectrum, both looks can be stunning. Choose designs like Paul Smith’s contrast flower shirt or Casablanca’s loud prints for a statement-making effect.

Choose a pendant when it comes to jewellery. Don’t be afraid to look on women’s jewellery sites if you’re looking for something else – noone will know!

Staying Cosy At Home

If you’re planning on spending the holidays at home or hosting a cosy movie night, you won’t need to look so formal. After all, the need for comfort and warmth is critical in moving you from chilly walks to pub drinks before dinner at home.

Autumn colours are ideal, so use beige and brown tones for the majority of the outfit. It’s also wise to wrap up warm with a patterned scarf, which should ideally cover your ears.

Office Parties

For office parties, the trick is to be yourself, but appear sophisticated enough that it’s clear you’ve made an effort. It’s likely that you see your coworkers every day, so an office party creates a great opportunity to mix things up a bit. If you usually wear black, go for a completely different shade. Always seen in trainers? Polish off your brogues. Office parties provide the perfect chance to show off your personality out-of-hours. Don’t shy away from this opportunity.

Dressing in the right attire for parties helps to assert your personality while turning heads for all the right reasons. And, thanks to this guide, you’re now covered for every situation – from cosy nights at home to sophisticated events. Have fun!