Horse racing is more than one of Britain’s more popular sports; with a history that spans over 6,000 years, it is one of the oldest sports in the world. Its longevity is undeniably owed to the beauty of the races. Both the animals and the jockeys riding them exude elegance and class.

This sport is all about focus and communication between humans and horses; the pair has to create a bond and trust each other if they want to win the competition.

Indeed, horse racing is so fascinating that its popularity survived over the centuries and expanded throughout the world. Here are a few of its most enchanting traits.

  1. Rich Culture

Horse racing is much more than a tradition. Culturally speaking, it has shaped our society for centuries. There is an undeniable bond between jockeys and the horses they ride. Hoards of people have fun not only watching, but also betting at the races or online with sites like Timeform. Indeed, horse race betting plays an important role in the sports betting industry in Britain and not only. The tradition of the races brings people together, evolving from just a race to a richly cultural sporting and socialising event.

  1. Rich History

The first traces of horse racing can be traced back to 4,500 BC. Back then, the sport was very popular in Central Asia, then conquered the Middle East. From here, the crusaders brought the first Arab horses to Britain, where they were bred with English horses. The result is the thoroughbred, a very popular breed we can still admire on the race tracks today. Racecourses became popular a bit later, in the eighteenth century, when Queen Anne founded the Ascot. Ever since, horse racing has been synonymous with haute couture, fashion, and British culture.

  1. One of the Most Prestigious Sports

Owing to its popularity mainly to British monarchs, horse racing boasts an aura of prestige. Since immemorial times, the upper and middle classes used to visit the racecourses to spend quality time outdoors. Due to their habit, attending the races became a sort of tradition. And it’s undeniable that traditions are beautiful. Nowadays, the races give people from all walks of life the reason to stuff a picnic basket and head outdoors. They also give people the right reason to wear fancy attire and extravagant hats even if they aren’t attending a ceremony. Indeed, horse races are posh events that everyone should attend at least once in a lifetime.

The three reasons above are only some of the elements that define the beauty of the races. But one thing is certain. Horse racing is an incredible pastime, one of the most beautiful sports to watch, and even a nice one to practice either as an amateur or professional. All you have to do is give it a try to fully understand its beauty.