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Life is not going to be the same again, even when the coronavirus pandemic will disappear from the face of the earth once and for all. Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who wrapped up her debut streaming show Fallen just before fresh restrictions came into force to deal with the second wave of the pandemic in India, believes that one has to move with the times and what is happening.

“You have to move with the times and what is happening. This is the circumstance we are in, we cannot crib and complain,” she says.

The actress, who recently received her first dose of vaccination, admits that it does feel weird working under the new normal as nobody is used to working like that.

“It is a new thing for all of us involved, so it took time getting used to. Once you get into the groove, you are kind of okay with it. It is all about adjusting to the circumstances,” she adds.

Sharing her experience of being on sets before the second wave of the pandemic, Sinha says, “It was such a proud feeling that we were a unit of 300 people and not one person tested positive for Covid. Everybody was taking precautions, followed all protocols and was really careful. Finishing an entire series like Fallen was not a small task, as it was an outdoor shoot in Rajasthan. I am happy we were able to do it.”

In addition to Fallen, Sonakshi Sinha has several other exciting projects in her pocket as well. But she is choosing to be at home and do not stress about work till the time things get better in the country.

“I had more work actually, but because of the situation, everything again got into a bit of a delay. I think I am also feeling comfortable. I want this entire situation and things to get better. I do not want to go into that mind space where I am constantly on the edge and thinking about it, wondering, ‘Who is next?’ It is better to slow down a bit till things are better,” she signs off.

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