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After several months of lockdown-like restrictions, businesses in all parts of India have resumed operations, and the Indian film industry is not an exception. Over the past couple of weeks, several new films have begun production. The films which had to halt production due to the second wave of the pandemic have also resumed filming.

Popular actress Shruti Haasan is also back to work and has several interesting projects in the pipeline. One of her most-awaited films is Salaar which gives her the opportunity to showcase her mastery over multiple languages. The pan-India film, co-starring Prabhas, is set to release in several popular Indian languages, including Hindi and Kannada.

Crediting her multilingualism to her family, Haasan told an Indian publication, “I am glad that films like Salaar offer us the opportunity to connect with Indian languages across regions. I feel blessed to have grown up in a multicultural Indian home. While growing up, I learnt Tamil and Hindi, and additionally, learnt Telugu when I started working in that film industry 10 years ago. Our culture is beautifully diverse and I’m glad to be a part of that.”

When asked about theatres vs streaming media platforms, Haasan said, “I would definitely say that I am a huge fan of going to the theatre and watching films. Nothing can compete with that experience.”

She added, “Having said that, sometimes having that one person talk on the cell phone or talk loudly during a movie, I cannot handle that. In that case, I prefer watching movies at home in my comfort zone, where I know nothing will disturb me. But some films are made for the big screen experience, the sound and the visuals need a certain platform. So, I won’t watch those at home.”

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