Shivangi Khedkar and Sai Ketan Rao’s chemistry in the show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is being loved by one and all. The fans of both the actors call them RagVi (Raghav & Pallavi, name of their characters in the show) and SaiShi (Sai and Shivangi).


Eastern Eye recently interacted with Khedkar and when we asked her if it’s difficult to maintain the chemistry with Rao, the actress said, “It’s actually easy; it’s not tough because when you are good friends with your co-actors, it’s easy and smooth. Initially, when we didn’t know each other, I didn’t know how he will react if I give any suggestion, if I touch him and all. But, now it’s very easy and we come up with something beautiful. At times I have seen the episode and I am like ‘these two look good together’. Initially, I used to have a tough time because he is also an introvert and I am also an introvert, so two introverts together it’s like a task.”


“I know there are a lot of rumours that are these two guys going around and stuff. But no, once the shoot is done and once the director says cut, we are two different people, we are good friends and we are trying to maintain what RagVi has,” she added.


Khedkar has worked in a Telugu film Ashwamedham and even Rao has worked in a few Telugu movies. So, when we asked if she would like to work with Rao in a Telugu movie, Khedkar said, “I would love to work with him in a different project as well. So, if anybody is coming up with a good script please come.”


“I don’t know Telugu. In my Telugu movie, I used to take the prompting as it’s very tough. Every time I say a word it’s different. I used to say anything and my director used to be like ‘hey bhagwan’. Then I caught hold of an assistant director and I told him that I am going to mug it up as much as I can, but I still need a prompt,” the actress added.