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Raima Sen boasts of some notable Hindi and Bengali films on her filmography. She has also added some exciting streaming projects to her impressive resume over the past few years. Now, the talented actress is eagerly waiting for the premiere of her next project, Amazon Prime Video’s The Last Hour.

Sen, who has been working in the Indian film industry for over two decades now, shares that she bagged the character of Nyima in The Last Hour by giving a screen test. This was the first time in her two-decade long career where she had to undergo the process of a screen test to notch up a role.

“In all these years in the industry, I have never done a screen test. When I learnt that Amit (Kumar, director) wanted to do a screen test for my character in Calcutta, I first avoided it as I have always had a phobia of auditions. Later, I gathered my strength and somehow decided to do it. I first thought I am never going to get this part but surprisingly, I got a confirmation call from him in a couple of days,” shares the actress.

She goes on to add, “I am very happy and excited to be a part of this series. With all my work, I have always tried to understand the vision of the director and then added my own individuality to it which helps me stay focused on my character. My director Amit told me what he expected from the character, but at the same, asked me to keep it real and feel it. His guidance and my vision helped me get the best out of me. It was such a great experience shooting for the series.”

Also featuring Sanjay Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa, Robin Tamang, and Shaylee Krishen in significant riles, The Last Hour is scheduled to start streaming on Amazon Prime Video from the 14th May 2021.

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