Mahatma Gandhi International School has arranged a special book reading event on Friday, 7th April 2017. The book – “People Called Ahmedabad” has taken more than a year of research. A team of 17 authors have shifted through the diverse layers of the city to create this anthology of 55 stories of Amdavad & Amdavadis.
The book makes the city come to the life through the narratives of people who inhabit it. Two stories featured in the book are about: Anju Musafir & Dr. Pascal Chazot, Founders of MGIS, Anita & Atul Karwal, Alumni MGIS Parents. Through their stories one can get an insider’s perspective about the story of Mahatma Gandhi International School’s foundation. The book reading event celebrated the process and plurality of the book and invariably the spirit of Ahmedabad. The curator of the book, Nisha Nair was joined by three authors, Lissa Chazot, Prayas Abhinav and Dhaval Shukla.


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