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Orchestral Qawwali Project: A fusion of spirituality and classical music


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The Orchestral Qawwali Project, presented by Ragatip, is set to perform live at the Camden Roundhouse on the evening of June 10. This performance marks their biggest show to date, featuring a full orchestra, dancers (including the talented Vidya Patel), and a choir.

The project, led by composer Rushil Ranjan and featuring the soaring vocals of Abi Sampa, combines spirituality and classical music in a mesmerising way.


The Orchestral Qawwali Project has been hailed as a significant advancement in the art-form, captivating audiences with its fusion of Sufi poetry, Indian Classical dance, and orchestral arrangements.

Under Rushil’s direction, the project creates a captivating experience, blending Sampa’s vocals with rich orchestral arrangements while the addition of Amrit Dhuffer’s tabla adds a dynamic grace to the performance.

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Since its inception in early 2020, the Orchestral Qawwali Project has achieved notable success, securing high-profile sync deals and garnering praise from critics and audiences alike.

Recognised as a groundbreaking development in Sufi music, the project effectively combines various elements to transport listeners into spiritual rapture.

The duo behind the Orchestral Qawwali Project, Sampa and Ranjan, have gained recognition for their electric performances. Their debut album merges ancient qawwali from the Chishti tradition with modern European orchestral arrangements.

One of their notable qawwalis, “Man Kunto Maula,” which is a 700-year-old song gained over 4 million views on YouTube just two months after its release during the lockdown.

In their music, the Orchestral Qawwali Project blends the divine and the feminine, not only through Sampa’s vocals but also through the performances of British-Indian dancer and choreographer Vidya Patel.

Patel’s dance, inspired by the Sufi whirling dervish, has added a spiritual dimension to several of the group’s music videos, with her flowing movements resembling orbiting planets, evoking a profound spiritual experience for viewers.

On June 10, the Orchestral Qawwali Project will be performing some of their favourites along with some brand-new qawwalis.


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