The value of online gambling in India is projected to hit $1 billion by 2021. The industry has been growing steadily over the last years, with more focus on online betting. The country is regarded as the world’s largest and fastest online gambling stage. But, with the thousands of online gambling sites, how do you get the right fit?
Read on for some insight.

Legality and Registration

This is the first consideration when seeking a gambling site. Legality in India is a tricky affair. This is despite a blurred line between legality, and illegality-gambling legality depends on your location. There is no universal legislation.

Each region has its laws that can vary widely across regions. For example, while the majority of states in India frown upon gambling houses, most allow online betting sites.

When evaluating legality, the highlights to research on include-

  • Registration and licensing with the country’s betting board
  • Auditing by a third party
  • Taxation, if any, on winnings

Legislation in western countries is pretty straightforward, while gambling remains mostly unclear and confusing in Asian countries, especially India, remains unclear. The differences in state and national laws worsen matters, especially for online betting. Therefore, ensure you research on your region for compliance. Notable acts in India include-

  • The Public Gaming Act of 1867-initially applied to 10 states under the British. The legislation eventually spread to all other states. It made it illegal to operate, own, or visit a gambling venue. The penalty for breaking the law is a 100-300INR or a sentence of 1-2months in jail. However, with no clear definition of gambling, people found ways to circumvent. Also, it does not refer to online gambling as the internet was non-existent.
  • Legalization of land-based casino gambling in Goa in 1999, Daman, and Sikkim in 2009
  • Nagaland is the only state with online poker operator licenses. Sikkim legalized online gaming and sports at internet hotspots but with a restriction on residents.

Reputation and Reviews

Reputation is critical for online gambling sites—the more substantial the reviews, the more stable the forum. Trustworthy companies honor their bets, offer prime customer service, and offer reasonable stakes.

Check the online betting forums. Although it is not a foolproof evaluation yardstick, it helps filter out blatant quacks.

Suitability and Eligibility

Most betting sites list the accepted countries. The list mostly hinges on legality, laws, and regulations in different countries. Ensure you are eligible before committing your resources. Go through the terms and conditions, policies, and procedures. Ineligibility may hinder access to your winnings, or excessive taxes.

Suitability covers compatibility with conventional devices. Reputable sites offer varied betting mediums such as desktop sites, mobile apps, and USSD.

Also, check the platform for a variety of gambling offerings. Established online sites offer bets across all forums, from field sports, races, and casinos. The more varied the options, the more freedom you have to try your luck. However, depending on your requirements, you might prefer a niche-oriented site, for example, strictly online India Slots.

Promotion Offers

Most of the online gambling sites offer a form of incentive when you register or deposit. The most common offers are free bets or deposit-matched bets upon registration. The bonus, if lucky, can boost your winning, add value to your stake or cushion a loss.

However, ensure you read terms and conditions. Most bonuses are tied to strict conditions such as high wagering requirements for more rewards.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Online payment methods traverse many countries. Thus, the mode of payment and withdrawal should be a critical consideration. A reputable online site allows major payment methods to accommodate clients across multiple platforms.

These include major Visa and Mastercard, international bank debit and credit card, PayPal, international mobile money transfer, and others. Note that the convenience of the payment method dictates your ability to deposit your stake, and most importantly, process and access your winnings.

Customer Support

Reputable companies invest in substantial online resources such as websites to manage the traffic. If so, you will not need customer support often. However, systems break down, or you may have queries.

The online betting site should have a reliable customer support platform featuring different mediums such as emails, toll-free numbers, social media presence, and live chats. This is especially important for sensitive matters such as deposits and withdrawals. Gauge responsiveness by sending an email or live chat with a few simple questions. Note the speed of response, knowledgeability, and helpfulness.

India has a vast population, so it is no surprise a healthy percentage enjoy gambling. Popular bets preferences include cricket, horseracing, casino, and poker. Most of the forms are prohibited. However, notable exceptions exist in online gambling, though unclearly regulated. The above factors should help you access the right online site if you decide to bet. For more information on everything India and more, keep it here.


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