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The new James Bond novel will be a prequel to “Casino Royale”, the very first book that creator Ian Fleming wrote in 1953. Author Anthony Horowitz and publisher Jonathan Cape announced on Twitter that the next authorised Bond novel will be “Forever and a Day”. The book begins with 007 found floating in the waters of Marseilles, killed by an unknown hand, with the added tease that it’s time for a new agent to step up.
The novel will follow Bond as he earns his licence to kill and explores the origin story of Fleming s iconic character. It will also include previously unpublished material by Fleming. It is the second Bond novel for Horowitz, who is the only author to have woven his stories within the same timeline as Fleming. His first 007 novel “Trigger Mortis” published in 2015, followed on from Bond s run-in with Goldfinger. “Forever and a Day” will be published on May 31 in the UK and later in the fall in the US.