Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the UK for a four-day visit to attend the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and special chefs have been appointed to prepare Gujarati delicacies for him.

Shenoy Karmani, Executive chef of St. James Court Taj Hotel in Buckingham Gate, along with his team of eight, will serve the prime minister pure vegetarian “Ghar ka Khana.”

He will be served lunch at the Buckingham’s Taj hotel and the menu will be Gujarat-based delicacies. On the menu are khaman dhokla, khandvi, dal, dal pakora, torai masala, stuffed karela, paneer bhurji, and khichdi, reported ANI. The food will be prepared in pure clarified butter.

Modi likes simple food and snacks on food like idli, dosa and poha. He prefers lukewarm water even during summers. Being a teetotaler, Modi prefers lemonade over other drinks.

Those who work in public life, their lives are very irregular. He needs to have a tough stomach,” Modi was quoted as saying by Being Fit and Fine. “For 35 years, I had to seek food and ate whatever I got. I never asked people to cook something special for me.
I like Khichdi very much. But then, I eat whatever I get. I want my health to be such that it won’t be a burden for the nation. Till my last breath I want to remain a healthy human being.



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