Vasant Lakhani

Vasant Lakhani, owner of Millennium Cash & Carry, has passed away on Friday (25 December).

He was 72.

A resident of east London, Lakhani arrived in the UK from Blantyre in the east African country of Malawi. He is survived by his wife Pannaben and sons Rishi and Shyam and daughters Hina and Sapna.

“He was the softest, loveliest and most caring soul. He cared about everyone and wanted to help everyone. His smile is what has made so many people fall in love with him,” the family said in a Facebook post.

Rishi and Shaym lead the Essex-based Millennium Group, which runs a cash-and-carry division and a wholesale branch, and is engaged in distribution, export, and retail operations. The family business supplies branded groceries and drinks to UK wholesalers and retailers, and exports to Europe, Africa and the UAE.

The group has also a presence in hospitality and leisure business, running restaurants, banqueting suites, bowling complex and clubs, with the City Pavilion in Romford, Essex being their flagship venue.

Lakhani has been a generous donor to many charities. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, he started a mission in April to feed the homeless, providing 350 to 400 meals every day through the City Pavilion.