By:Kimberly Rodrigues

A man who pretended to be a senior official from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office has been arrested by the police, The BBC reported on Friday (17).

Kiran Patel was apprehended by security officials during his visit to the Kashmir valley on March (02) and was charged with cheating, impersonation, and forgery.

Also, a police complaint has been filed against him for attempting to obtain “monetary” and “material benefits.” Patel’s arrest was made public on Thursday (16) when he was brought before a judge.

Patel, who has a verified Twitter account and a follower from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), shared photos on social media showing him on “official visits” to Kashmir with paramilitary guards.

PTI reported that during one visit, Patel claimed he had been tasked by the government to find buyers for apple orchards in south Kashmir.

During another visit, Patel went to the popular skiing destination of Gulmarg and claimed that he had been asked by the government to investigate the improvement of hotel facilities in the area.

He reportedly received the highest level of security, travelled in a bulletproof car, and stayed in official accommodation at a five-star hotel during his visits.

According to court documents, security officials discovered fake identity cards in Patel’s possession.