Popular singers Leslee Lewis and Omar Gooding have dropped their pop single ‘Entourage’ on YouTube. Ashwin T Ganesan, popularly known as The ATG, has scored music for the single which is produced by Kyyba Films.

Entourage is a fusion of rap and pop genres. The soundtrack has a pumped up beat which will make the fans groove to it. The ATG is a music producer-composer who has a keen sense of purpose and conviction while creating music. ‘Entourage’ is a mixture of music maven Leslee Lewis’s groovy rhythmic vocals along with Omar Gooding’s Californian vibe rap and an addition of top-notch mixing. The track is lively and explosive.

Talking about the song, Omar Gooding mentions, “The song is characterized my life and hence, I can correlate to the lyrics easily. An electrical collaboration with Music genius Leslee Lewis and the maestro of beats The ATG has created a piece of ‘timelessness’ in the legacy of music.”

“Ricky Burchell’s creativity as director is on a higher level and the talent of bringing visualisation to reality can easily be seen in the lyrics and production. Along with this ATG’s fusion of this robust track and his conscientiousness towards his work has made the song a standout gem. I feel fortunate and proud to lend my voice to this song”, Music Maven Leslee Lewis adds.

The ATG mentioned, “All three of us in the song wanted to give an ecstatic and energizing journey to every listener of this song. It has a combination of rhythm, rap and pop not only in music but as well as in the vocals. Along with all the aspects I did not want to compromise on the rich quality as well. So, if you observe, the song has different elevating layers all together.”

The song went live on 16th July on Kyyba Films official YouTube channel.