Karan Johar is one of the biggest names in the Indian entertainment industry, and to help the people of the industry, the filmmaker has launched Yash Johar Foundation.

Karan took to Twitter to make an announcement about it, He shared a video and wrote, “This has been a true labor of love… created in memory of my incredible father and to carry forward his legacy.  I am proud to launch the Yash Johar Foundation, which has been set up with the aim to improve the quality of life for people in the Indian entertainment industry. While we have initiated the implementation of long-term sustainable plans that will enhance the lives of people and their families in the industry, we have also ensured that immediate solutions are being provided to help them deal with the effects of the on-going global pandemic. The link in my bio provides all the details and how we can be contacted. @TheYJF_”

In the video, Karan has stated, “My father, Yash Johar, loved everything about the movies, he just had to step on to a movie set, and he was a changed man. But his heart lay in the people who made up the industry — from the spot boys, to the cameramen, the editors to the actors, they made up his world.”

“He was naturally a kind and empathetic person, who understood that being in the movie business was hard. Which is why, it gives me great pleasure to announce the formation of the Yash Johar Foundation, for the people of the entertainment industry. The Yash Johar Foundation has three main pillars of support — financial well-being, health, and education and vocational training. Considering the current scenario and taking in account its effects and after effects of Covid-19 we have initiated YJF Covid response 2021 to address immediate needs like food, shelter and medicine for those within the entertainment industry who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic,” he added.